Kuon Release Thread

3: That picture of Sakuya-tan covered in blood is a red flag she’s gonna die… (つд`)

4: Pure horror, huh?

5: Looks pretty scary.

7: I watched the promo video, looks pretty interesting.

10: On sale April Fool’s, huh…

15: I wonder what it’ll be like.

24: Does this game have weapons?

25: >>24 There hasn’t been any information so I dunno. It’s on sale in just a few days though.

26: I’ve never seen a cover as ominous as this one.

27: >>26 With Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly they were worried about sales so they made the cover cute, yet with Kuon they didn’t even hesitate to make this. As you’d expect from From.

28: I hope it’s even better than Crimson Butterfly.

29: The Fatal Frame series is really well put together, it’ll be hard to top that. But it’s From, so I wonder how it’ll be if they make it a difficult game and not something half-assed…

30: As long as it’s scary.

33: Did anyone get it early?

34: I did. I’m at the opening mansion. You can change the brightness but it’s still pretty dark and hard to see… It’s only the start but it has already terrified me…

38: How hard is it? Are the enemies strong? Or are they small fry?

39: I just started. You start off with a small knife. Just after the start you can also attack with charms. The protagonist of Yin is kinda weak. If you run for just a short period of time you need to stop and meditate to recover or she gets dizzy and falls over… I started on normal difficulty. Can’t say much about the start. As for the enemies, I’ve only faced Gaki so far (they’re probably the weakest)… I solved a puzzle just before and there were two Gaki in the room that almost killed me. They’re not much when they’re alone though. You’re probably meant to avoid most battles… And if you run too much looks like enemies notice you…

41: If there’s no benefit to defeating them, then you should probably run, yeah. Just like Biohazard. I think that’s the most fun way to play anyway.

43: >>39 Sorry, I think you should defeat the enemies. They sometimes leave behind recovery and other items… I just finished the Yin phase and started Yang, but in terms of order I probably should have started that one first… The Yang phase has a lot more tutorial stuff at the beginning, so…

45: But the start cursor begins on Yin.

46: I think Yang is more difficult.

47: We say Yin and Yang, so it’s gotta be done in that order.

66: Whether it’s Yang or Yin, the items in the mansion seem to be in the same place… I’ve been looking at the map and proceeding through each room one by one and I’ve pretty much remembered where they are…

74: If you leave the map open for about five minutes and then return to the game screen you’ll see something interesting.

75: Are the enemies random? I saved and went back and one of the guys was gone.

91: Is there anything in it like taking photos in Fatal Frame?

111: I’ve finished normal most, but there are no extras after this, right? Plus was there only one child in the ending?

112: Tell it to me straight, is it scary? This is the most important thing…

115: >>112 It’s scary. If you think, “Is it really not that scary?” like Biohazard or Fatal Frame, you’ll be burned. It has the sudden jump scares like Biohazard, and the fear of surviving because of difficult controls and the strong enemies that may kill you, plus the story is so dark that it sinks into the bottom of your heart, it has everything. I think it might top Silent Hill 3.

I think this game would be perfect to play late at night with all the lights off. But if you don’t believe in ghosts or yokai to begin with, then it probably won’t feel that scary.

116: Nah… it surprises you, but I don’t think it’s that scary. And I think Fatal Frame still has more jump scares than this. Once you leave the mansion there aren’t any jump scares at all. You can easily enjoy it in the dark with the lights off.

129: I mean, don’t let other people influence your decision to buy it. There are some who are scared when playing, and others who aren’t, and that’s fine. Who cares if it didn’t scare you? Insisting that it really didn’t scare you just makes you look like a little kid trying to act tough.

149: I finished the game. I don’t understand the meaning behind the final spikes. If they weren’t necessary, then it feels like a bit of a useless addition.

Looking back on the game, it feels like they cut a lot of content. It kinda feels like they made the opening movie, the final spike, and then just joined the story together. And you use the first weapon for so long that you barely get to use the second or third ones.

150: This is the type of game where you just enjoy the atmosphere. It’s not really scary. There are some grotesque creatures and corpses hanging around, and sometimes something jumps out, but that’s it. I wish they’d made it a little better.

161: I finished the game, but I see everyone talking about how it wasn’t scary, or it was just jump scares, etc… Aren’t you overlooking this game’s value as something of beauty? System-wise it’s a normal game, but for a Chinai (Kyosuke) fan like me, I’m glad I bought it.

162: Still, for a horror fan like me, the most important thing is the scares. And on that front it was lacking.

165: I’m not easily scared by things, so if I had to say one way or the other, I placed more important on the “beauty of Heian” for this game. It wasn’t scary as a ghost story, but the fact it exists is enough for me to rate it highly.

176: If you play in chronological order, it’s Yang, Ying, Kuon, right? But the princess is attacked twice, so I don’t really get it.

223: I finally finished Yin, Yang, and Kuon! I think the final line Seimei said to Sakuya was unnecessary though.

227: >>223 I feel like that was the ED hinting at what was to come later. I’m gonna get the guidebook tomorrow so I’ll take a look at what’s written then.

240: How much has it sold?

242: >>240 It didn’t rank.

260: Which is scarier, this or Siren?

265: >>260 Siren.

268: It’s interesting, but after finishing the game there’s not much else to do, which is sad. The scenarios are well put together though. But I just can’t wrap my head about Seimei being a woman.

271: The reason Seimei is a woman is written in the guidebook. The particular charms and uniqueness of women were apparently one of the selling points, so if there was one guy in the game, well that would kill the mood. But I like her design so I don’t care if she’s a woman.

288: >>271 Japanese horror is more atmospheric when the hero is a woman. That’s a rule. It’s different to Western horror, the fear is mainly mental and comes from the eerie atmosphere. So, if you have a weak lead, it’s easier to drive them against the wall. It’s more difficult to do that with a man, so it rapidly becomes less scary. That’s why women are best suited to being Japanese horror leads.

289: >>288 That’s true, but the heroines don’t react scared to anything. In Fatal Frame etc they do.

301: I wish they had at least included extra costumes… Even if I had nothing else to do, if Seimei had a bikini I’d be all over that.

304: Silent Hill’s protagonists are men (or mostly men) and they’re still really scary. I don’t think protagonists have to be women.

307: >>304 This is limited to Japanese horror though…

309: >>304 Is Silent Hill Japanese horror? And is the story effective? Ah, but I thought Sakuya was a handsome young man… I didn’t read the instruction book.

317: I really think Japanese horror needs female protagonists. If you use men… even if they’re beautiful youths it’s still tricky.

305: I really wish they had included bonus costumes. It makes a world of difference.

326: How does it compare to Fatal Frame, like difficult and scare-wise?

327: Comparing to Crimson Butterfly, it’s not very scary. But I prefer the characters in Kuon so it’s fine.

364: Sakuya’s a girl?

365: Yes. It’s written in the instruction book you know.

375: So it’s an infectious disease then?

376: If not then all of the people in the mansion wouldn’t have turned into silkworms.

377: I don’t think it was an infection. People who died once were put in the wicker basket, then they merged with all sorts of things, and the failed ones became the Yamabito etc (according to the guidebook). (And if they didn’t fail, like Kureha, then they continued on with the spell).

403: All you Crimson Butterfly devotees are so annoying. Some of us like both, so you’re just a nuisance.

410: They apparently didn’t make many of this game so it’ll probably go for a premium soon. Apparently there’s only about 4,000 copies in the entire country.

413: All you people comparing it to Fatal Frame… not all of us have played Fatal Frame, so it means nothing to us.

416: You Fatal Frame and Heian devotees need to get along! (゚Д゚)

461: I’m glad Seimei is strong. In that setting with that name, if she’d been weak it would have sucked. The problem is that the Kuon phase is far too short.

480: Why did they set it during the Heian period? “Because during that time period, it wouldn’t be strange to see all sorts of monsters roaming around.” (according to the Complete Guide).

520: Once you beat this game, there’s nothing left to do.

521: That’s a problem. I really like it, but I don’t think I’ll play it again.



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