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I’m a Night Guard But Ghosts Really Exist

1: They really do.

2: Where?

9: >>2 In the city.

5: My former security guard buddy was a real believer.

11: Why do you think that?

15: >>11 I’ve seen them numerous times.

16: >>15 We aren’t supposed to be able to see ghosts though, right?

18: >>16 Then what did I see?

17: If they look normal, then they’ve gotta be normal people, right? What is it that some people possess that allows them to distinguish between normal people and ghosts?

22: >>17 Would there be someone at the crematorium at 1 a.m., huh? There wouldn’t.

50: >>22 There’s no way it’s a ghost. Try talking to them. Are you stupid?

55: >>50 They really do exist. They’re probably in your room right now.

27: Tell us a concrete episode please. If not, you’ll be cursed.

36: >>27 An alarm at the crematorium went off at 1 a.m. I ran over. I checked inside. Behind the crematorium there was a ghost.

45: >>36 How do you know it wasn’t a person? It could have been a weirdo or a delinquent.

48: >>45 Can you disappear right in front of someone, huh? Hmm? Was it an illusion?

67: >>1 Why didn’t you take a photo or video?

74: I didn’t wanna. It would link us and then I’d feel their sadness.

89: >>74 But if you put it on YouTube you’d be able to make money from it, lol. Ah… I wonder if there are any ghosts around…

69: I’m a nurse, and yeah…

75: My friend’s ghost said that ghosts don’t exist, so they’re not real yo.

77: I’ve been a night guard for 10 years, so I’m not wrong.

118: I think if ghosts existed, every time someone took a picture they would appear. How many people have died until now? I reckon that more people have died without regret though.

121: When I was talking to the guy controlling an isolated camera, he said to me, “Are you with anyone else?” I couldn’t even turn around. When I looked at the recording, there really was someone behind me. That video is still there somewhere too.

123: >>121 That’s terrifying.

152: >>121 Do ghosts reflect light?

163: >>152 Why wouldn’t they?

129: Of course they exist. There are things we still can’t explain with science.

194: I’m a facility security guard. I’ve seen them as well so I believe they exist.

196: >>194 Friend.

197: You guys are scary. It’s just an optical illusion.

217: About 90% of ghost videos are so obviously fake that they make you laugh, but apparently there are some videos that show no signs of editing and they make you wonder how they were made.

It’s strange, like, you have to be there to explain it.

233: Can these things be explained scientifically?

256: >>233 Scientifically, the more you know the more you actually realise that anything goes. Like time doesn’t exist, or the length of Planck units. It’s undeniable that humans don’t yet have a firm grasp of the universe.

337: They say that corpses smell the same as squishing a spider in your hand. But that’s sad so I’ve never done that before.

341: One of my friends is a nurse and she says that ghosts exist.

372: I used to work at Disney and there’s a ghost there. It’s a pretty famous story amongst the workers there.

374: >>372 Where did you work? There are famous urban legends about the attractions though.

386: >>374 I worked in the shops. Now it’s pretty crazy. Some of those urban legends about the attractions are true though.

571: Well, to make a long story short, I think it’s human thoughts that give these lumps of flesh a soul. Good night.



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