How to Reach Another World

Have you ever wanted to visit another world? Not another planet, but a world parallel to this one; similar yet different. Different, yet familiar. Japan is full of different methods to visit isekai, so let’s check a few of them out!

The Elevator Game

This is perhaps the most well known of methods outside of Japan. I covered this particular method here, but it involves following seven steps that must be carried out meticulously in order. If you succeed, you’ll find yourself in an empty world occupied by you and you alone. If you’re lucky, that is…


I recently covered this one on YouTube. You can check out the video for more information, but basically it involves drawing a six pointed star on a piece of paper, writing Akita in the middle, and then putting it under your pillow when you go to bed. If you’re successful, you’ll find yourself in another world! But be careful, there’s no known way back if you succeed…

Tattva Method

This one is rather easy in theory, but much harder in practice.

Look at the above image. Keep looking at it. Keep looking. Don’t look away. After you’ve stared at the picture for a decent amount of time, turn and look at a blank piece of white paper. You should see a vague image within it. Inside that, if you see a door, then you’ve found it. That door will lead you to another world and free you from this one.

Yellow Pen & White Paper

For this one all you need is a piece of white paper and a yellow pen. At night, write onto the piece of paper with the yellow pen the world you’d like to visit. Everything around you must be dark or this won’t work. Tape the piece of paper to your door so that nobody else can see it. Then in the morning, when you open the door, you’ll find yourself in that very world! Again, there is no way back from this, however, so be careful.

Cherry Blossom Tree

This intriguing method sees you standing beneath a cherry blossom tree during spring. You must catch one of the falling petals and then hold it close while you pray 100 times and chant inside your mind. Once you’re done, touch the closest cherry blossom tree and boom, you’ll be transported to another world.

And that’s it! But remember, if you succeed in any of these methods, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever get back. You could end up in some cool world that’s similar to our own and yet different (for the better!). Or you could end up somewhere terrifying and full of monsters. That’s the risk you take. Do you dare…?

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