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How to reach a parallel universe

There’s an urban legend that if you follow a certain set of steps you can go to a parallel universe by elevator. They are as follows.

– – –

What you need: An elevator that reaches 10 floors or higher.

1. First get on the elevator.
(You must make sure you’re alone when you do this)

2. While on the elevator go to the fourth floor, second floor, sixth floor, second floor and then tenth floor.
(If someone gets on while you’re doing this the steps will fail)

3. When you reach the tenth floor press the button for the fifth floor without getting off.

4. When you reach the fifth floor a young girl will get on.
(Make sure you don’t try to talk to her)

5. When she gets on press the button for the first floor.

6. When you press the button the elevator will go up to the tenth floor rather than down to the first.
(While it’s going up if you press the button for another floor the steps will fail. However this is also your last chance to quit)

7. Once you’ve passed the ninth floor it’s safe to say you’ve succeeded.

There’s only one way to check that you’ve succeeded.
There will be no-one in that world but you and you alone.
Nobody knows what happens after that.
The one thing we can say, however, is that the person who gets on at the fifth floor is not human…

– – –

[There will be no-one in that world but you and you alone.]
Do these words mean that you alone will be the only living thing in this parallel universe, or perhaps are there things there that aren’t human as well?
If we think about the fact that the girl who gets on the elevator isn’t a human then the possibility of it being the latter seems much higher.
It’s also been said that she is perhaps just a decoy to lure people to this other world.
What happens to people when they go to this other world… it’s terrifying to even think about.

There is also a rumour that if you go to the fourth, second, sixth, second, seventh and then fourth floors and then someone gets on, then you can press the button for the first floor and access the other world this way.
The original thread on 2chan was full of posts of people who failed, but perhaps this is also proof that if you succeed then you can never again return to this world.
Although there is a way to fail even after the girl gets on the elevator there’s no way to predict what might happen when you mess around with things that aren’t human.
If you don’t want to regret it later then perhaps you shouldn’t mess with things just out of curiosity.

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