What Are Some Things You Should Never Do?

1: If it’s something easy, then I’ll try it right now.

2: Stand before a mirror and ask “Who are you?”

22: >>2 How long do you have to do that for?

42: That’s seriously dangerous.

3: Opposing mirrors.

5: Hitori kakurenbo.

6: Place piles of salt all throughout the house.

7: Play “daruma-san ga koronda” in the shower.

8: Take a photo of yourself in the mirror with your phone camera.

22: >>8 I did that but nothing happened.

10: Bow in front of the mirror and then look right.

20: >>10 This. Holy shit.

23: >>10 That’s not quite right.

31: >>10 What’s this?

36: >>31 It comes from the story “Real.” It’s not just a bow. It’s a pose that looks like a bow, but there are other conditions you have to meet too.

41: >>10 More correctly, bow 45 degrees in front of the mirror and then turn sideways.

28: People often say the mirror is a gateway to another world, huh?

11: If you make too much noise at a cemetery the dead will wake up, so you mustn’t.

14: That thing where you bury money at a shrine.

25: Clap in a dark room. If it doesn’t echo, then…

51: >>25 There are times when it echo and times when it doesn’t, huh? It’s gotta be a technique problem.

34: I’ve tried absolutely all the famous things but nothing ever worked. In the end, I guess whether you believe in ghosts or not is the most important thing.

35: That thing? Where you close your eyes and visualise your house, etc etc.

37: I heard playing Kokkuri-san alone is dangerous.

38: Dead people have their hands crossed across their chest, so I heard if you sleep like that you’ll have nightmares.

50: >>38 I sleep like a baby like that.

43: If you lick salt at night, the jibakurei in that area will possess you.

60: >>43 When I get hungry at night I put salt on a cucumber, is that safe?

44: Going to a ghost spot and moving things around.

49: Stealing sacred stones from shrines. Stop it, you’ll die.

52: >>49 Not to mention the ropes surrounding the trees. Don’t untie them.

53: If you face two mirrors, stand between them and try to see into the farthest one… you’ll see it.

66: Opening the demon’s gate? Kicking over the pile of salt at some station.

75: Go to platform 13 at Ueno Station.

155: >>75 That place is dangerous.

88: Try calling Hanako-san.

119: >>88 Don’t you have to do that in the girl’s toilets?

91: As a serious response, just thinking about ghosts is enough to summon them to you. It all changes depending on your disposition, the land, etc, but they’re easier to run into when you’re thinking about them than when you’re not.

115: Humans are stupid. We make idols and seal them away in shrines to worship, and then we fear being cursed if we break those seals.

Well, it’s true that spirits might exist, and that’s pretty scary.

125: Write “akita” in a six-pointed star in red pen and then put it beneath your pillow.

132: I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’d be pretty happy if I became one.

177: Win rock, paper, scissors against the guy in the mirror looooooool.

185: Purple mirror.

186: If you really wanna feel scared, why don’t you turn all the lights off and really focus on something being behind you and then walking away?

194: Playing dodgeball alone at night.



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