Mikaeri Bridge

There’s a bridge in Kami City, Kochi Prefecture by the name of Mikaeri Bridge. It’s a small red bridge in the mountains, and it’s said that you mustn’t look back over it when crossing at night. One famous story says that if you do, a woman with a fearsome expression on her face will be there, crawling towards you.

This story happened to A-san, a university student who visited Mikaeri Bridge.

One summer, A-san and three of his friends visited the bridge for a test of courage. A-san wasn’t a big fan of scary stories or horror in general, but his friends invited him so he went along.

When they arrived at the bridge in a friend’s car, it was already past 1 a.m. They parked the car just in front of it. As soon as they got out of the car, the coolness of the air in the summer heat surprised them. They figured it was because they were so high up in the mountains.

A-san and his three friends started walking across the bridge. He regretted agreeing so easily to come along. He felt a pressure pushing against him just by standing on the bridge. Something seemed to be scratching at the base of his neck, making him uncomfortable. It was like stepping into another world. Cold sweat ran down his back.

“Alright, let’s all turn around at the same time,” his friend B said.

“Ready? One, two…”

Nobody turned around.

“Come on, you gotta turn around, guys!” B said, but his hands and legs were shaking. A-san’s entire body refused to turn around. The other three seemed to feel the same way.

“Oh yeah,” C said. He proposed that they used their smart phones to see what was behind them, rather than physically turning around. Everyone agreed it was a great idea. C took his phone out immediately and put the camera into video mode, turning it to film what was behind them. The four friends started to retreat backwards as he filmed. As long as they were standing on the bridge, they couldn’t turn around.

Finally they got back to the car. A few short metres had felt like much more. After climbing into the car, they finally calmed down.

“Let’s watch the video.”

Sitting in the backseat, C held his phone out so everyone could see it, and pressed play on the video he’d just taken at the bridge.

The red bridge came into view in the darkness. The view retreated slowly with the men. They watched until the end, but nothing strange appeared.

“I guess nothing really happens if you turn around then,” B said nonchalantly from the passengers seat, now that they knew they were safe.

The friends stopped to eat ramen on the way home and then went their separate ways. But then, two days later. C-san went to visit A-san. He hadn’t heard from B-san or D-san in the last two days and hadn’t been able to get into contact with them. Worried, the pair went to visit B-san’s apartment.

They knocked on the front door, but there was no answer. They could hear a faint voice inside however. A-san pressed his ear to the door. It sounded like B-san was talking to someone. He pressed his ear even closer.

“…You mustn’t turn around. You mustn’t turn around.”

That was what it sounded like.

After that they went to visit D-san at his dorm. He was asleep and looked unwell. Just like B-san, every now and then he muttered, “You mustn’t turn around, you mustn’t turn around.”

The two started to wonder if this was happening because they all went to visit Mikaeri Bridge. Why this was only happened to B-san and D-san, however, they didn’t know.

“Maybe it’s because they were sitting in the front seats? They had to turn around to see the video, so maybe that was it. They ‘turned around’ to see the bridge, so maybe the bridge’s curse got them that way?”

Thinking about it, A-san couldn’t help but agree. The only difference between them was that B-san and D-san had turned around to watch the video in the car.

Both men were hospitalised after that, but that’s all we know… It’s not clear whether A-san and C-san were in the clear either. If you happen to come across a video of Mikaeri Bridge on the internet, make sure you don’t turn around to watch it.

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