Top 10 Japanese Horror Manga for 2020

Ever wondered what manga Japanese readers are picking up these days to get their thrills and chills? Goo ranking recently held another poll and here are the winners for the top 10 Japanese horror manga that readers recommend!

10: Shiyakusho (35 votes)
9: Liverleaf (37 votes)
8: Museum (40 votes)
7: Eko Eko Azarak (56 votes)
6: Ghost Hunt (63 votes)
5: Tomie (65 votes)
4: Zekkyo Gakkyu (81 votes)
3: Horror News (136 votes)
2: Karada Sagashi (187 votes)
1: Hell Teacher Nube (224 votes)

Some of these are older, some of these are newer, but these are the manga readers still think are the most terrifying right now. How about you guys, anything you’ve read lately that terrified you? Let me know in the comments below, and hopefully you picked up a few new recommendations as well!



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