Anyone Scared of What Happens After Death?

1: When I think about how there’s an eternity of nothing after you die, I get really scared.

2: Anyone know how I feel?

3: Sometimes I think so much that I can’t get to sleep.

4: The moment you die it will be so painful that you’d rather be dead, so I’m fine with it.

5: When I think about how the world might still continue after I die, I get scared.

10: >>5 I won’t. Once you die, it’s over.

7: I think if there is another world after death that’s even scarier. I can’t even imagine nothingness, so it doesn’t scare me.

12: A massive amount of people have died before you, so don’t worry. Billions of people have already experienced it, so you’ll be fine.

13: What would a world after death be like? Would there be primitive people there?

16: >>13 There isn’t one. This world you see is the only one. You just turns the lights off on this world.

15: That’s why you should do everything you want to do while you’re still alive.

17: I can’t even imagine this consciousness not existing anymore. How scary.

26: >>17 It’s the same as going to sleep…

18: Isn’t life after death just a fabrication to make sure you life well in this life?

19: This world is scarier. What the hell is life anyway?

23: As soon as you die you won’t be able to recognise anything anyway, so thinking about it now is pointless.

27: If I’m gonna die, then I wanna die really painfully. Anyone else understand what I mean?

29: There is nothing after death. That’s it.

31: Does anything really exist outside of the world you can see for yourself?

33: All matter is recycled, so you’ll be reborn somewhere as a bug or something, right? I dunno.

35: I’m scared of my parents dying too.

49: >>35 Same. When my parents die, what am I gonna do?

36: You’ll understand this once you die, but souls, previous lives, and the spiritual world all exist.

40: I want to die suddenly, without warning.

41: If nothing existed before I was born, how did I come into being from nothingness? That means it isn’t nothing.

44: I’m scared of existing for eternity as well.

54: 100 years is too short. I want to live for 500 years.

55: What is death? Is it really the end? When this life ends, don’t you just move on to the next stage?

62: >>55 There’s nothing. That’s why you should live you life the best you can now with no regrets.

63: If I’m gonna die I wanna get drunk first.

77: You just sleep forever, right?

106: Now I can’t sleep.

123: Just as I’m about to fall asleep, I start thinking about what would happen if I never opened my eyes again and then every night I can’t go to asleep.

124: What on earth is space? What is outside of the universe? That’s the bigger problem than what comes after death.

142: I’m not scared of death, but I am afraid of being killed. Those videos of people being tortured overseas are terrifying.

156: What are ghosts? I want to become one.

158: They say you see a revolving lantern when you die. It’s possible you watch it forever, walking the same steps of the same life over and over for eternity.

163: I’m not scared of death, but I am scared of the pain before death.

191: But it would suck to reincarnate as a cockroach.

239: Seriously, what happens when you die? I hope that everything goes black and then you wake up again as a baby.

262: I just wanna know what happens in the future.

273: After death, I’d most like to see something like the afterlife in Dragon Ball.

302: As there are beginnings, so there are endings.

303: I think I’m alive just so I can die.



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