My Son (3yo) Spoke To Me Of His Past Life (Part 1)

1: It’s weird, so I’d like to ask you guys about it as well.

7: This is my first time creating a thread, so if there’s something strange, please let me know. My son started acting strange yesterday evening (May 6). My wife was finishing making dinner.

10: I was using the computer on the second floor when she called out, “Dinner’s ready~” At the same time, she asked, “Huh, where’s (our son’s name)?” I thought he was with my wife in the living room on the first floor.

14: The two of us searched the house. His shoes were by the front door, so he probably hadn’t gone outside. Then we found him in the bathroom. The lights were off and he was sitting on his knees in the dark, empty bathtub.

19: But the weirdest thing was that he was chanting “namu amida butsu” over and over. “Where did you learn that?” I asked him before I could stop myself.

22: How scary ((っ´・ω・`c))

26: “He’s acting strange… don’t you think?” my wife muttered, and worried, I picked him up and carried him to the living room. He continued chanting the whole time. He didn’t appear to be playing or messing around, so I asked him, “What’s wrong?” over and over but he didn’t reply. A few minutes later he fell quiet, and so I asked him if he was okay again. By this point I was in tears.

30: But then he asked me, “Did (somebody’s name, I think a last name) go too?” He spoke like an entirely different person, and I was so scared that I accidentally got angry and screamed, “Who?!” I was terrified…

41: Judging by your dialect, I’m guessing you’re from Tohoku?

46: >>41 You know well, lol.

31: My wife was calm and asked him, “Do you feel unwell?” She later told me that she realised at that point that something else had possessed him. My wife has no ability to sense the supernatural, btw.

37: “Yes,” he said quietly. “Do you know your own name?” she asked. “OO Shusaku.” He gave his full name, but I’ll keep that to ourselves. It just doesn’t feel right. Btw, my son’s name is Ryo. He has a different last name too.

43: T-That’s terrifying!

45: Then my wife and Shusaku spoke back and forth. I’ll write down what I remember.

Wife: “How old are you?”
Shu: “I don’t know.”
Wife: “Why are you here?”
Shu: “I don’t know that either.”
Wife: “Do you know where you were before?”
Shu: “Iwate Prefecture, OO City.”

Btw, we live in Iwate, but Shusaku gave a different city.

48: W-What!?

52: Wife: “This is Iwate Prefecture, OO City. My name is ~. The body you are now inhabiting is my son. It doesn’t matter what it is, but if you remember anything, please tell us.”

56: Shu: “…Huh?”
Wife: “Who are you?”
Shu: “…”
In the end, he didn’t say anything.
Shu: “I lived in OO City. Next thing I knew, I was here. But I feel like a lot happened between then. I just can’t remember it.”

59: A kitsune possessed him.

60: I need to get to bed, but I wanna know more!

61: If it’s Yamanoke, that would be terrifying.

64: Your wife is so calm, amazing.

65: Wife: “Are you aware that you’re dead?”
Shu: “I don’t know.” (At this he seemed rather sullen)
Wife: “What time did you live in?”
Shu: “I was born in 1960.”

I was surprised that it was so recent.

70: If still alive, he’d be 59, huh?

73: Shu: “I was born on OO OO, 1960. My father is OO and my mother is OO.” We wrote it all down, but after talking with my wife we decided not to make it public. After that we asked him all sorts of questions, and he answered them for us.

74: The same thing happened to be, but it wasn’t my past life, it was a dead person who possessed me. People on the same wavelength can do that, so you gotta remain positive.

77: In general he answered all our questions, but just once he said, “I’m really sorry.”

81: >>77 Why did he apologise?

88: >>81 Probably for getting wrapped up in all this. He didn’t really say why.

78: Take a photo.

86: >>78 We did. But you can clearly see my son’s face and our house, so that’ll give away our privacy. We intend to show it to some friends tomorrow.

82: If you look up his name, you should be able to find some info.

83: To sum up what Shusaku said:

  • He has memories up until his 30s. He remembers the school he went to, but he can’t really remember his friends.
  • He didn’t have any siblings, and he lived with his parents and grandmother in a single house until he started junior high.
  • He went to high school outside the city. Around the same time, his grandmother died. He couldn’t remember much from the second grade of high school until 28 years of age. He probably reached his 30s at least.

90: So, is he still Shusaku?

95: >>90 I don’t know when he possessed him, but we found our son at 6 p.m., and he fell asleep about 40 minutes later, and he was Shusaku the whole time. When he woke up, he was our normal son again. He’s sleeping again now.

99: So he doesn’t speak or seem like a 3 year old at all?

104: >>99 Not at all.

106: If you look up his name on the internet do you find anything?

109: >>106 We looked everywhere but couldn’t find a thing.

108: Continuing from before, when my wife asked him why he was chanting “namu amida butsu” he said that he wasn’t. He didn’t remember anything until he was in the living room. We still don’t know what that chanting was.

115: Sorry for how long this is. In the end, my wife asked a slightly different question, “Do places such as Heaven and Hell exist?” “Eh…” he muttered and his head lolled about before he collapsed on the floor. That was the end of our conversation with Shusaku.

118: We panicked and had to take him to the hospital, so we got ready and on the way to the nearest big one he woke up in the car. He spoke to us like normal and seemed fine, so we went back home. He doesn’t seem to remember a thing.

120: That thing chanting has to be an entirely different existence.

123: Sorry, I’m going to bed. I have work… Of all times for this to happen, it happened on the last day of Golden Week. If it had happened on the first day, we would have had more time to look into it… Well, it not happening at all would have been the best thing. Thank you for joining me everyone! I’ll post again if something happens. Good night.

125: >>123 Which is more important, work or your son?

Continues in Part 2.



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