In May 1972, a horrific fire tore through the Sennichimae Building in Osaka. 117 people died. Perhaps because of that, the local area is now host to numerous ghost stories.

An employee left the Sennichimae Building through a basement exit one day when it was raining. He opened his umbrella and walked out into the crowd of people, dodging them as he went, but for some reason something about the place felt wrong.

There was something off about the people passing him as well. It was raining, yet not a single one of them had an umbrella. They were all silent, their expressions clouded over, and they were all looking the same way as they walked.

A short distance away, a taxi suddenly stopped in front of the man and waved at him. “Come here!” he screamed.

“No, I don’t need a taxi,” the man replied, but the driver insisted.

“Just get in!”

The man had that bad feeling again, so he got into the car, wanting to get away from there as soon as possible.

A short while later, the driver finally spoke again, his face pale.

“Yeah, so, when I saw you walking along that empty street like you were trying to avoid people, I thought I had to do something to help you…”

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