My Son (3yo) Spoke To Me Of His Past Life (Part 2)

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116: This is the person who started the thread yesterday. I wanted to update everyone on what’s happened but I couldn’t find the thread… I searched for the title and found this website. I don’t know how to use 5chan, so should I start a new thread?

[The website manager then explained how to start a new thread, or he could continue in the comments. He started a new thread and then copied and pasted the same text into the comments for ease of reading]

123: This is the person who started the thread yesterday about my son talking about his previous life. I can’t write in the previous thread, so I started a new one.

Last night I went on the internet after being in a slight panic, but after everyone listened to me I was relieved. First, I want to convey my thanks. Now let me write about what happened after last night.

125: About what happened today (May 7th). My son took the day off from kindergarten (we told them he had a cold) and we decided to visit the hospital. My wife is a stay-at-home mother, and she can drive, so she took him there while I went to work as normal. The following is what she told me.

She went to the nearby neurosurgeon and they went through all the pre-examination procedures and finally got him in. She showed the doctor what she’d recorded on her phone the night before and the doctor seemed troubled.

Wife: “I’m not saying it’s definitely a ghost or anything, but there’s something clearly wrong here, so, just in case, we were hoping you could examine him…”

Doctor: “Uh… haha.”

They chatted after that and in the end the doctor decided he didn’t need a CT scan. Both my wife and I were worried, but our son has been carrying on like normal, so there was no need to force a scan on him. They both went home.

127: We spoke to both our parents about what happened yesterday and send them the video. They all had the same response. “We don’t believe in such spiritual things, but we know you wouldn’t use your son as a joke, so we’ll do whatever we can to help you.” Both our parents live in the same prefecture, and mine live rather close to us.

We also spoke to a few of our close friends, but we didn’t send them the video. We didn’t want to bother them in case it was something ghostly.

Right now (May 7th, Tuesday) my son is perfectly normal. He has a normal appetite and he’s dancing to his favourite TT Brothers.

My wife and I have spoken about what to do after this, and sometime this week my wife is going to try and visit the place Shusaku spoke about. We’ll send our son back to kindergarten tomorrow, and she’ll head out on Thursday and Friday. My mother will take care of taking him to and picking him up from school then.

[The following day he returned to answer a few more questions]

165: Your son might simply be possessed, so why do you think it was from his previous life? Did I miss something?

221: >>165 I also don’t know whether it was his previous life or not, but that was what I thought when I started the thread. I can believe that more than I can believe a ghost, so that’s what I wrote. As many of you have said, it might not be his previous life, I don’t know…

340: Good evening, everyone. I have returned from work…! First, my son is still healthy. Nothing has changed.

A little announcement… My wife was planning to travel on Friday with my mother, but after listening to your advice, we’ve decided to all go on Saturday with our son. I’m a little worried, but after we take him to the place Shusaku mentioned, we’re going to stay at my wife’s parents’ house nearby.

421: And we’re back…! This will get a little lengthy, so I’ll be back after I’ve written it all down. Should be around 6 p.m., I think.

426: Good evening. We’ve returned. This will get a little long, so I wrote it all down and I’ll paste it here.

Regarding what happened on May 11th (Sat).
To start with the conclusion, what I’m going to tell you won’t feature any ghosts. Nor anything else supernatural. It’s a relief for me, but… those who were expecting something of that sort might be disappointed. But I’m only going to tell you the truth, so please understand.

427: So, what happened today.

As I said earlier, today my wife, our son, my mother and myself went to visit the place Shusaku-san (my son) mentioned. I knew the city well, but I wasn’t aware of the place within that city, and couldn’t immediately think of the kanji for it either.

We Googled it and soon found it. When we checked it on Google Maps, it showed a small area without even a convenience store and barely any houses. We did all this yesterday (I’m most thankful to Google-san…)

We drove there and then visited some old shops and houses to ask about it. We reached there about an hour after leaving home. We were worried our son might show some changes, but he didn’t.

428: We thought it might be a little rude to ask private residences some questions on the weekend and went to look for some shops instead, but there were barely any. At first we visited a gas station and asked the staff there, but they didn’t know anything.

We drove around a bit after that and found a single shop. We went inside and a sweet looking old lady came out from out the back.

Me: “This is a little sudden, but does anyone by the name of OO happen to live around here?”

Old lady: “There are lots of people around here with that name. Do you know their first name?”

Me: “OO-san (the name of Shusaku-san’s father.”

Old lady: “Ah? Ah, yes yes. Wait here.”

She went out the back and returned with a map.

Old lady: “Here. He lives here.”

Me: “That’s close, haha.”

Old lady: “The road is veeery narrow, so be careful.”

The conversation went something like that. We found the place really quickly. Not only that, but according to the map, the house was only three turns away from the old lady’s store, a house in the middle of nowhere, so it would be difficult to miss.

429: We thanked the old lady and drove over to where she told us. After we left the narrow lane, just as she said, rice fields spread out before us, and there was a house hidden behind some Japanese cedar and pine trees.

There was an open space in front of the house, so we parked there and stood before the front door. There was a large nameplate that had their last name, and it was like, “Finally, we’re here…” I nervously rang the doorbell. “Coming!” a female voice rang out from inside and a woman about the same age as the old lady from the store appeared.

430: Me: “Sorry to bother you, my name is OO. I’m parked just over there. I’m sorry, but are you OO (I gave the name Shusaku said was his mother).”

Mother: “Yes, that’s right.”

Me: “Someone by the name of Shusaku said…”

Mother: “That’s my son, but he’s already passed on.”

Me: “I’m actually here to talk about him.”

Mother: “Are you from the city office?”

Me: “No, I’m not. I’m from OO City. I’m a little afraid of what I have to say, but…”

I thought of various ways to approach the subject, and I decided the only thing to do was show her the video we took. “It’s about this…” I said and showed her my phone, playing the video back. The video was 10 or 20 minutes long, but I trimmed it down and showed her just the part where Shusaku spoke about the main stuff. His mother stared at me when it was over, occasionally muttering things like, “That’s here.” “Ah, yes.” “How odd,” while she was watching. At her request, I played the video again.

Mother: “This boy…” (she pointed at my son) “He doesn’t appear to be lying… What on earth is going on…” She stopped to think for a moment and then continued. “I’m sorry. Can I show it to his father as well?”

Me: “Of course. I’m sorry for all the trouble.”

Mother: “He’ll be home shortly, would you like to wait inside?”

Me: “No no no, we can wait in the car.”

Mother: “Please, come in.”

Me: “Ah, well, okay…” And then she led us inside.

431: The living room was to the left as we entered, and we went inside. There was a large bookcase full of thick books from the Pacific War. Photos of a small girl caught my attention.

We sat down and the mother brought out coffee and sweets for us, and the five of us chatted while we waited. She asked us about what type of food my son liked, stuff like that, and we didn’t mention the video again.

It was a real quiet place, and the mother seemed very gentle. I stared out the window, feeling most comfortable, and then I saw an old man driving down the path and slowly getting out of the car.

It was the father. He stopped beneath a roofed area outside and slowly approached the house with his walking stick.

Father: “Hello…” (he lowered his hat)

Us: “Hello, nice to meet you.”

Mother: “This is Shusaku’s father, OO.”

Father: “I’m OO. Are you friends of Shusaku?”

Mother: “About that…”

She told him the details of our trip and I explained a little as well, then we all crowded around and watched the video together. Both the father and mother looked surprised.

432: Father: “Please, sit down. Can I ask you a few questions?”

He asked about how my son had been since the day the video happened up until today, and we explained how I’d written about it on the boards here too.

“Hmmm…” the father closed his eyes and finally said, “It might really be him.” “It could be…” the mother added with a smile.

Then they told us all sorts of things about Shusaku. His mother brought an album down from upstairs and showed us photos of him and they told us about his life. By the way, Shusaku looked somewhat like Hoshino Gen. We chatted for about an hour, I’ll itemise the main points here:

The family structure that Shusaku spoke of in the video was true. And the way he spoke sounded just like Shusaku as well.
After he graduated high school, Shusaku started work in another city in the same prefecture. He continued that job until he died.
He passed away at 31 of a heart attack. It happened while he was at work.
He was a Buddhist parishioner (I don’t know what sect). But he didn’t seem to be very serious about it. It’s unclear how serious he was because he lived alone.

433: After that, they told us a little about his temperament. He was a quiet and kind child. He always praised his mother’s cooking. He helped out around the farm without complaint. He also liked haikus and writing poems, etc…

The photos of the little girl on the bookcase were of their granddaughter. Shusaku-san had been dating a woman when he passed away, and after his death she gave birth to their child. The photo they had sent with their New Year’s card was cute, so they put it on display.

“Please, pray for him,” the father said after and led us into their family altar room. There was a photo of Shusaku in the middle of the altar, so we lit some incense and put our hands together for him.

“I wonder where he is…” his mother muttered next to us. Then the father said, “Will you go to the temple with us? The most important thing is your son’s health and safety. If this really is Shusaku, I don’t think he means the boy any harm, but… I think we should go see them anyway.”

The whole time we were talking about him and lighting the incense, there was no change in my son either.

434: The six of us got in the car (it was a family car) and the father guided us towards the temple.

As we drove, the father told us that the chief priest now was the son of the man who had been chief priest when Shusaku died, and he was a sensible man, so we should tell him everything.

Shusaku’s parents were parishioners, but we had nothing to do with the temple. In the end, I decided it would still be best to tell him everything.

When we arrived, we made our way towards the head office. We rang the intercom and the chief priest came out.

Father: “Hello, nice to see you again.”

Priest: “Hi. You look as good as usual…”

Father: “So there’s something we’d like to show you…”

The father introduced us and told him about why we’d come to visit. Then we showed him the video.

Priest: “So this is your son? I’m sorry, but is there anything wrong with him physically or mentally? Have you been to the hospital?”

Me: “We have. They said there was nothing wrong with him.”

Priest: “I see. How should I put this… it’s very interesting. So you don’t misunderstand, first of all let me say that I can’t see or sense the supernatural. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the existence of spirits… But anyway, that means I don’t perform exorcisms or anything like that. And whether it’s Shusaku-san or not, it would appear there is something inside your son. Let us help him pass on. Not an exorcism, but a purification.”

435: It’s hard to explain in words, but he had a very gentle demeanour and soft tone as he spoke, like he was drawing us in. Straight away I asked him to help and we all went inside the temple. He read chants for about 10 minutes and then we visited Shusaku-san’s grave beside the temple. We lit some incense again, and from beginning to end my son seemed unfazed by the whole ordeal.

We thanked the priest and then left the temple, returning to Shusaku’s family home. “Would you like to go upstairs and see his room?” Shusaku’s mother said when we got there. Our son was tired and already asleep, but my other mother said she would watch him so we should go upstairs. And so we did.

The room was about four tatami mats large, with a desk and bookshelf. There was a single round tin of Chelsea candy on the desk. Apparently it was Shusaku-san’s favourite. On the bookshelf was books by Miyazawa Kenji, haiku books, and numerous cassette tapes. There were various artist names written on those.

Shusaku-san had spent up to his junior high years in that room… For some reason, it made me want to cry.

436: I’m so thankful to Shusaku-san’s parents for warmly greeting us, and to all of you for listening to my story and not making fun of me. We handed them the cakes we’d brought with us, exchanged numbers, and then finally left.

“If anything happens, call us. We’d love to see your son again, even if nothing changes,” the mother said and smiled as we were on our way out. The two of them watched us leave until we were finally out of sight.

After that, we dropped my mother off at the nearest station and returned to my wife’s parents’ place, which is where I am now.

My son hasn’t showed any signs of change, and to sum up, I’d have to say I’m glad we went. We met through strange circumstances, but it makes me happy that there are more people out there to watch over him now. That would be Shusaku-san’s parents and the priest, and of course all of you reading this. I’m terribly thankful for all of your advice.

Thank you for reading this far.



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