The Blood-covered Woman

This is a true story that happened ages ago.

My family home is back in H City, A Prefecture, and there was a murder case there. It happened before I was born, so this is the story I heard.

It took place in an apartment on the second floor near the movie theatre in my neighbourhood. The criminal was an elementary school student who wanted money. The kid snuck in after the tenant went out, but then was discovered when she came back and the kid stabbed her with a kitchen knife. The crime was brutal, so it was the talk of the town at the time.

Then, several years later. The incident had begun to fade from people’s minds and a delinquent high school student moved into that same apartment. It was a countryside port sort with a lot of rough kids and gangs, so they often got into fights, stole things, and sniffed thinner.

One night they gathered at the apartment and were making a lot of noise. They were suddenly a lot noisier than usual, so the neighbour got angry, thinking they were sniffing thinner.

Angry, the neighbour went over and opened the door when they saw it. A woman, covered in blood and dancing in the apartment while several of the teenagers jumped out the window. The teens screamed and ran, and the neighbour fell over, unable to move. But then they realised something.

That woman, dancing in blood, was the same person who had been killed in that apartment several years earlier…

After that, the teens went to the police and there was a massive fuss. It even made the newspapers.

I heard this story at my previous part time job. One of my colleagues was one of those teenagers in the apartment at the time, so he gave me even more details about what happened.

Apparently a bunch of them had gathered that night to play mahjong. They absolutely hadn’t been sniffing anything, and it wasn’t an illusion either. As the night wore on and they got more worked up, someone suddenly screamed and everyone made fun of the guy for it. But his face turned pale and he pointed to the window.

“A ghost!” he screamed, and there was apparently a woman crawling down the wall. Intrigued, a bunch of them got up to see what it was and then they saw a woman dancing in midair.

“What the hell?” they screamed, and at that same moment the women flew over and clung to the window.

Everyone panicked and the room went into an uproar, which was when the neighbour came over. When the neighbour rang the doorbell, the woman disappeared, entered from the front of the apartment and then started dancing in the middle of the room. Everyone jumped out the window and ran, although apparently my colleague didn’t remember where exactly they ran to.

Next thing they knew, it was morning and they went to the station for questioning.

As for why I’m telling this story now, I recently heard some information about a criminal who murdered a family about 3 or 4 years ago and then committed suicide. That criminal was the same elementary school kid who committed the murder in that apartment.

I remember my colleague’s face turning pale even as he told me the story. He never looked like that.

If you look up the article, you’ll probably find it.

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