I Got A Strange Letter In The Post (Part 2)

The number in italics denotes the original poster.

8: Well, what’s going to happen now?

10: Is >>1 gonna find his way here or not?

76: >>1 Get over here!

79: Maybe >>1 isn’t in any state to write anymore.

491: Well, I just heard something new for the first time.

496: >>491 He’s back! ━━(゚∀゚)━━ッ!! Thank god I waited.

505: >>491 You heard something new?? What?

509: I’m glad you guys started the next thread. I might get flamed, but I’m glad. I’m so worked up I can’t be alone right now.

I’ll try to explain it all simply.

563: Everyone kept saying the previous thread was a fake, and honestly even I hoped it was. Thanks to whoever started this one. Well then, let me explain.

After I heard the scratching at the door (it was like nails), something started knocking instead. I was too scared to move, and then the sound stopped. I went to see what the sound was, and then the doorbell rang. It rang two or three times, but I pretended not to be home and waited for the cops to arrive. Then I heard a voice.

“OO-san! It’s me! (my neighbour). Are you okay?”

I looked through the peephole and thankfully my neighbour was outside.

577: So in reality your neighbour is…

608: Something just fell in my closet and scared the crap outta me, lol. Who the hell packed so many clothes in there?

619: Apparently my neighbour heard the knocking and they were worried so they called the police as well.

Me: “Ah, I also called them.”
Neighbour: “Well, they should be here soon. Let’s wait for them.”

So we waited together. While we waited, I quickly explained what was going on. The fear I felt when I looked into the peephole and it was pitch black came flooding back and I cried before I could stop myself. My neighbour consoled me.

Then the police arrived. My neighbour and I explained in simple terms what was going on, and then another patrol car arrived (maybe that was for my neighbour’s call?). I went alone to the police station for questioning, and the patrol car that arrived after said they would patrol the area for me. I contacted the real estate agent I spoke to earlier, and then got in the car.

617: How was the interview? Did they give you katsudon? Eggs? Sauce? [Translator’s note: It’s a common urban legend that police will give people in questioning katsudon to loosen them up and get them to talk]

662: >>617 They asked me if I wanted coffee but I said I don’t drink coffee so they gave me tea.

When we arrived at the police station, I told them what happened today. Ah, before I got in the patrol car, I showed them the letters and pictures I’d received. I told them what the real estate had told me, so I couldn’t really tell them much other than what I’d heard from others myself. Anyway, I told them everything I knew.

635: Your neighbour is the criminal!

660: It’s been a long time since I saw a thread this exciting!

690: Hey, maybe this is really a ghost, guys?

706: So after I’d told them everything and it seemed like time to go home, the stalker’s mother and the real estate agent showed up.

The real estate agent had gotten in contact with the mother and they both came down to the station for me. When the mother saw me, she ran straight for me and lowered her head in apology. But she was crying and distracted, so I couldn’t really tell what she was saying. All I could get out was “no, uh…” and then she went somewhere with a female officer.

Then the officer who questioned me said to the real estate agent, “Well, can I hear your story now?” I apologised to the agent profusely. “I’m so sorry for bothering you outside of work hours,” I said, but instead he lowered his head and said, “It’s fine, more importantly, I’m glad nothing happened to you. Rather, I’m sorry that the apartment I introduced you to has caused such terrifying memories.” I always thought he was a good guy, but I had no idea.

Then as I tried to leave the room, the police officer asked me, “Would you like us to contact you once we figure out who wrote these letters?” “Please, and as long as they don’t come near me after this, then it’s fine,” I said and left the room.

The patrol car drove me back and I just got home.

Hang on, I just heard the doorbell, I’m gonna see who it is.

712: Duuuuude don’t answer it lol.

724: >>706 You’re gonna die, man.

762: Shiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt
What the heeeeeellllllllllllllllll

767: >>762 What happened?

769: >>762 Did you get stabbed?

787: It was my neighbour.
Neighbour: “Welcome back. What a mess, huh? How did it go?”
Me: “It was my first time being questioned, haha.”
Neighbour: “It’s a rare experience, huh? But it’s dangerous, so please be careful. If something happens, let me know.”
Me: “Thank you. Well, good night.”
It went something like that.

And then, I checked the mailbox as I usually do, and there was another letter.

802: >>787 There it is, another letter. I wonder when she put it in there?

832: I can’t do this anymore rera

[Note says “I’ll be back again]

841: >>832 It’s not fake?!?

I’ve got goosebumps.

861: Maybe she put it in when she was banging on the door. I wonder when she wrote it?

864: I thought he was going to announce this was all fake but…

879: Sorry, we don’t need another thread. I’m going to give this letter to the police and end it there. My bad for starting this in the first place.

901: >>879 Hey hey hey. You can’t just scare us too and then leave lol.

889: He should have gathered all the letters. Before >>1 went to see the police, was it in the mailbox? He probably didn’t check.

I’ll be back.
She’s been there at least once today. She might still be near.

This is actually dangerous, man.

910: >>889 Before I went, all I could think about was getting all the letters I uploaded earlier. I didn’t look in the mailbox. And you can’t see inside unless you open the lid.

893: Your neighbour is suspiciousssss.

917: Hey, >>1, if this isn’t fake, why don’t you tell us all about it over on the Paasoku boards in your own time? I’d like to hear what happens after this.

Or you can let us a time and do it on the VIP boards.

939: Why are there two threads for this? Lol.

>>917 Paasoku… I don’t know that place very well… And in my mind this has all been dealt with now anyway. Maybe I’m being naive.

953: >>939 It’s not over yet lol.
I wanna hear what happens next.

919: You all doubt my neighbour, but they only moved in summer of last year, so I don’t think it is them.

928: >>919 Did they come and introduce themselves to you when they moved in?

963: >>928 No, I moved in in April, so I went and introduced myself to them.

929: There’s something about the neighbour. It’s not the mother. She’s at the police office. And the real estate agent is no doubt a dude.

Is your neighbour a woman? If she is, you’re in trouble. Don’t open the door again.

963: >>929 She’s a woman, but she’s in her 50s…

934: Someone quickly bring us proof that rera is fake.

958: The police aren’t gonna protect you, lol.

975: At any rate, while I wait for the police to contact me, I’ve decided to move. I’ll take this letter I just found to the police station tomorrow. I can’t leave Sendai because I work here, but I’ll talk to the police and the real estate and see about moving somewhere less dangerous.

989: >>1 Take care of yourself.

Concludes in Part 3.



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