2chan’s Three Big Terrifying Incidents

1: Neo Barley Tea, Uhyahya, and what else?

5: Huh, what’s Uhyahya?

11: >>5 That thing with the guy that hid money in Tokyo and then went nuts in the end.

16: >>11 Ah, where a homeless guy got killed?

20: >>16 Yeah. Even if it was a coincidence, it was creepy.

18: That one with the crazy chick who hit a guy with her car.

21: The one where the kid killed his mother.

39: Smiling Kikuchi.
[Translator’s note: This refers to an event where 2chan users hassled a popular comedian for years by claiming he was a murderer, greatly damaging his career and reputation. All because they could hide behind anonymous usernames and nobody would find out who they were.]

51: The one where the guy was talking about a game and slowly he started going mad.

62: The scariest was the guy in that thread just posting numbers or something from Siberia.

73: “I’m here ^^

76: >>73 He posted that himself, right?

81: “Does everyone wash their dolls? Two or three days ago mine started to smell… I brushed her hair and it all came out… Ah, I dunno anymore. Her eyes are falling out. Her big, cute eyes… I thought they’d roll out with a plot, but they were more like a rotten persimmon falling from a tree.

>> Are you actually talking about a doll?

Shut up! Aaaaah I can’t get rid of the stench!! Dammit! Dammit dammit!!”

97: >>81 Holy crap.

91: >>81 Daaaamn that’s scary.

46: The one with the bus accident. There were responses from someone on the bus and also their friend.

118: It’s not very scary, but the thread the ghost started.



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