I Got A Strange Letter In The Post (Part 1)

The number in italics denotes the original poster.

1: When I got back from a business trip, there were five letters waiting for me in the post. There was no stamp or address on any of them, which means they must have been put in directly…

3: >>1 Was there a letter inside? It’s probably just a kid’s prank.

7: >>3 There was, but the contents were strange. The writing was so messy that it’s hard to tell whether it was a child or an adult.

4: Just looks like rubbish.

6: There’s no date or anything so I don’t know what order they go in, but judging by the contents this is probably the first. There are creepy pictures on it too.

13: >>6 Those pictures look like buttons.

9: Asamu Sakuto (the name written on the letter)

18: >>9 That’s not my name. I moved into this apartment in April and my parents are the only ones who know of it at the moment.

This is the picture that was included with it what I think is the first letter.

34: >>18 Holy crap that’s scary, lol.

50: I thought I’d found today’s fake thread but after seeing >>18 holy crap orz

80: >>18 This is worse than those religious cults, lol.

618: >>18 keeps flashing in my minddddd. I can’t go to the toilet.

11: Even if it’s a fake, you should upload everything first. If you stop halfway then it sucks lol.

26: >>11 I started this thread with the intention of uploading everything. But the uploader is taking much longer than usual. Hang on a minute.

20: rela… a foreigner? Or is it a pen name?

21: That picture is terrifying.

23: This is no good man… seems dangerous.

28: Maybe this Asamu Sakuto is the person who lived there before… And then he died a mysterious death…

44: >>28 I received a letter for the previous resident but it was a female name.

35: I can tell which are the first and fifth letters, but I’m not sure what order the others go in so I’ll just upload them.

This one’s a mess.

36: The picture is terrifying lol.

37: I’ve got goosebumps.

40: That’ll give you trauma for sure.

46: That picture is scary…
Three years ago I received a straw doll with a long nail in the chest through the mail. Inside the envelope was some hair and the character for “curse” written really big.

47: Looks like it says KERA. Isn’t that the name of a magazine that deals in goth and lolita stuff?

55: >>47 I think it’s rera.

Here’s the next one.

49: Hold on, lol, what on earth is this cursed picture?

51: You’re in Miyagi Prefecture… Here’s praying I don’t get a letter.

56: Even if this is fake, I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight.

57: This is probably fake but please convert the images to text.

66: >>57 I’m trying to from my phone but you probably won’t be able to see them. Once I’m done uploading the picture I’ll probably type them out.


69: You can’t deliver something if there’s no address.

70: They must have gone directly to your house…
My condolences…
You should finish up everything you want to do as soon as possible before…

72: There are spelling mistakes lol.

78: >>72 That makes it even scarier.

77: The picture is scary.

81: Miyagi huh, me too. Whereabouts do you live?

87: This is probably the fifth and last. There was a picture with this one too, and it had the number 5 on it…

89: This is the picture that goes with >>87. By the way, this picture was wrapped up like a charm from a shrine.

91: >>89 I wet myself.

94: >>89 Holy craaaaaaap!!

95: >>89 I crapped myself.

119: >>89 This is either a prank or someone’s insane.

456: >>89 So this picture… She has four legs and three arms, lol. So many lmao.

106: Asamu Sakuto-sama.

Hello. It’s been a long time. Nice to meet you. Do you by any chance remember me? I remember the first time I met you every single day. I believe this was fate. Because when my eyes turned red and pure white I was able to see inside you. Ah, sorry for my messy writing. I can’t move my hand very well. You have moments like this, right? My pet friends are probably the same. On that note, I’ve yet to tell you about myself, huh? Just the other day they told me it was okay to leave the hospital. That’s why I’m writing you this letter. I’ve been dreaming and thinking about this all this time. And on that note, how is your friend? Are they better yet? I’m now able to do what I want, so I’m going to do everything that I can. I keep hearing a song. In my eyes, my ears, my heart, my brain, the air, all around. I’ll write again soon. Wai.

117: That picture is terrifying. If this isn’t a fake, they’ll be back again soon, so you better keep an eye out.

118: This is bad. You might die, lol.

124: I wonder if this rera person might come back again? At any rate, I only got back from a week-long business trip tonight, so I wet myself finding all this in the post.

126: >>124 Upload your wet pants.

125: >>1 You live in Izumi, right?

129: >>125 I’m not 1 but I live in Izumi Ward.

132: >>129 No, I’m not asking you lol.

137: >>125 Not Izumi.

133: Asamu Sakuto-sama.

We met again huh. How are you today? I’m full of resentment. Why? That person is getting in my way. Whether I’m asleep or awake, they’re always watching. But now there’s nothing like this (laughs). I chased them away. These days I’m surrounded by trash. In a few years, you will be too, huh. I’m fed up of being inside it like this. I’m gonna eat it all up.
A head rolled by. It changed into the colour of moss. Let’s try writing it in kanji. Has my voice reached you? Over and over it disappeared and burnt, but I still hear it. Has my voice reached you? Has my voice reached you? Has my voice reached you? Has my voice reached you? Has my voice reached you? Has my voice reached you? Has my voice reached you? Has my voice reached you? Has my voice reached you? Stay happy.

It’s kinda like the telegram in Kamaitachi no Yoru, loooooool.

134: If she’s pure white with red eyes… she’s a rabbit?

145: The letter composition is crazy…

147: I heard a noise outside just now that scared me but apparently it’s just the neighbour getting home. We’ve only spoken once before but maybe I should ask them about it…

151: The picture looks like it was drawn by someone with schizophrenia.

165: I’ve caught up.

>>151 At a glance, if it’s not fake, I think it’s schizophrenia too.

174: >>165 I’ve heard that term before, but is it the thing where people see things? When I was in high school a classmate was hospitalised, but I don’t know what was wrong with them.

191: If it’s schizophrenia, then they might see things. But they’re more likely to hear things instead.

199: >>174 I googled it myself. I think my classmate had depression.

But like, if Asamu Sakuto really exists, then he’s in trouble. I uploaded these like it was nothing.

I’m gonna go call someone.

170: To Asami Sakuto-sama.

I noticed it from the start. When I was punished I went white. Empty. Nothing left. Is the red proof left? In the emptiness I showed proof of the way to go. All the adults eat it and get bigger. Is it still there? I don’t know anything anymore. How long has that doll been here? Now it’s right behind me. And that’s how people are born. I realised it. Ah, but it’s also true that there are dead people too. I didn’t know, but the ink person said it. It’s ink, so I ate it. How dirty.
When on earth is the funeral? It won’t come to my world, so I have no way to do it. I love you so much. Gravity turns upside down. My mouth is rotting. Monkeys show their private parts to intimidate. I obeyed and did the same. How cruel. Stay as you like. Because I was told to. That’s how it goes, right? I am powerless before the gods.

In this letter she writes “mu” as “mi.”

192: I showed the letters to my neighbour. They don’t know anything about Asamu Sakuto or rera. They told me to ask the real estate. I thought so too but they’re already closed for the night. Maybe I’ll try call anyway.

195: >>192 Oh, good luck. We’ll be waiting to hear what happened.

196: Asami Sakuto-sama.
Hey. Are you well? I’m a little okay. Yesterday I made another new friend. You probably don’t know them. I mean, you’ve never met them before, so. This letter is also the first round. The time in my world and that one is different, so it flows. On that note, I forgot but have things calmed down? There’s only a short while left, but I think I’ll go. I don’t want to think about where I will return. I didn’t understand anything, and so I’ll go back. I was totally wrong. You understand, right? To speak honestly for a moment, there is someone I’ve wished to be apart from for a long time, however it’s not my husband. It’s impossible. I’m going to drown. Even though they’re by my side, they don’t understand. Do you know how I can reach them? Today again I was unable to become a bird. I feel lethargic. The gods will also be angry if you disappear. If you return, they’ll be happy. This is a large problem, so there may be smoke visible. Eat a lot and stay healthy. Next time, it will be over.

Next time = the next night, I think.

198: It’s like a picture from a mentally handicapped person. The first one looks a lot like this…

203: I got through on the phone.

219: Asami Sakuto-sama.

That December day was wonderful, huh? We only spoke a little and yet I was xxx. A relapse. It was the situation I feared most. For the gods this is a wonderful event. It still smells fishy. Have you heard? The weather is fine today, but soon it will be swallowed by darkness. It’s no good. Doesn’t look like they will forgive us. Yet for some reason, some are happy with that. Do you enjoy sex? That beast grows now and repeats. I knew it immediately. It keeps declining. It can do so very well. And so, how do you see the light of that strange world? Emotional support. There is meat right here. It’s so dark that I can’t see. Is the cat still crying? In this unfair reality I only reunite with that sad woman and throw everything up. Strange, right? It’s been decided what must happen, so all I can do is do it. Wonderful.

340: >>219 Does that mean she was raped in December?

350: >>340 I think it means she didn’t receive permission to leave the mental hospital. She went back to the fishy-smelly hospital ward.

It’s so incomprehensible that I don’t really know though.

357: >>350 Maybe the hospital is near the water?

230: If this isn’t a fake, then this rara-san person is playing couples with another ill person.

She made a mistake and put it in >>1’s mailbox instead.

243: What happened to >>1’s phone call?

250: Come to think of it, he’s taking a while.

252: I just got off the phone.

I spoke to someone at the real estate, but it wasn’t the person in charge of my apartment, it was another woman. At any rate, I told her everything and then she put me on hold. I waited a while and then a different man picked up. “To be honest, something similar has happened there before, and the person who lived there at the time then moved,” he said. Apparently he was stalked. The person in charge then was the same person, so he said they would get them to call me back.

Sorry that doesn’t really solve anything.
But now I’m actually scared.

272: >>252 So then she’s still sending letters without realising that he moved.

You’re in danger, man.
“Why are you there? What happened to OO (previous tenant)!?”

“You killed him, didn’t you… then I will take revenge for him.”

It could happen…

270: I’ll just say you should run.

287: Let me sum things up.
The person who lived here before the previous tenant was the one who was stalked.
That person’s name wasn’t Asamu Sakuto.

Hang on, I’m getting a call.

362: I’m just guessing here, but don’t you think she’s a rape victim?

She uses the word “beast,” the woman in the picture is naked, and she uses words related to blood. Plus she says the word “sex.”

My conclusion: She was raped and her spirit died (split in multiple personalities?), and then, the person in the letter is also suffering from something (maybe an acquaintance from the hospital?). But thinking about the question of “do you like sex?” there might be a group of assailants.

369: >>362 I think you’re right.

377: I just got off the phone.
It’s hard to tell if it’s the same person now as it was before, plus there’s the previous tenant’s privacy to consider, so right off the bat things were muddy.
“I’m in trouble now, so if something similar happened previously, could you please tell me about it?” I asked, and this is what they said.

  • This same thing happened four years ago.
  • Each day he received weird letters in the mail.
  • This went on for over a month, but the tenant didn’t go to the police.
  • Apparently they knew each other (I don’t know how).
  • After sending the letters, the stalker waited in front of his apartment until he got home and would then ring the doorbell and knock on the door.
  • The tenant spoke with the real estate about what was going on.
  • This kept going, so the real estate strongly suggested going to the police, but the tenant stubbornly refused.
  • A short while later, the tenant put in a request to move.
  • At the time, the stalker’s mother arrived. “My daughter has been hospitalised. I’m terribly sorry for all the trouble.”
  • The tenant moved.

That’s what I heard.

384: >>377 So she had mental health problems.

393: >>377 So thinking about it simply, she got out of hospital and started doing the same thing again.

436: >>377 If it’s been four years, then her first “Do you remember me?” makes sense.

383: So the red background in that first picture is proof that she was sick then?

385: Oh and by the way, the buttons drawn on the letters are part of the stationary, rera didn’t draw them.

389: It’s either a fake or a ghost huh?

408: >>389 Ghosts can’t leave letters, idiot. It’s a mental health patient.

416: I’m scared here by myself now… I just moved here and don’t have any friends. I’m so scared I can’t even go to the toilet.

427: I wanna know what she means by “eat” in the letters. It comes up three times across five letters, and in the fifth one she mentions throwing up. Are they related?

434: >>1 Move you immediately. Then I’ll move in, so introduce me to your apartment.

438: Getting another call…

481: It was the same person from before.

Apparently they spoke to the woman’s mother on the phone. After the incident four years ago and her hospitalisation, apparently she moved to a new location after getting out. It was part of a deal with the previous tenant. And apparently she recently got engaged and now lives in Sendai.

The real estate asked her mother to get in contact with her. I’m gonna hear from rera for reaaaalllllllll.

487: >>481 rera’s married?

494: >>481 If she’s getting married, why would she be stalking…

497: >>494 For real, seems like the work of someone else entirely.

506: >>1 You really have no idea?

515: >>506 None at all, lol. I mean I just moved here. I had a classmate with a mental illness in high school, but that person is married and living with her husband in our hometown now.

520: I need to take a dump but I can’t go to the toilet lol. I keep thinking she might be hiding in the closet and I can’t move.

525: >>520 Take your phone and a knife.

595: Apparently they got confirmation from her mother.

  • What they spoke about:
  • The woman denied everything, and in the end hung up on them.
  • The mother called the fiance back.
  • The woman recently bought stationary that matches the letters I received (but she doesn’t remember in detail, just that it was red and girly).
  • The woman’s partner works during the day, and she also has a part-time job, so outside of their time together at night he doesn’t know what she gets up to.
  • “It might have something to do with her, so I’ll watch her carefully,” he said.

Apparently her mother is going to visit Sendai now. I dunno where she lives or how long it’ll take…

The real estate apologised for calling outside office hours. I told them not to worry about it.

600: I’m too scared to take a bathhhhhh.

604: >>600 Shall I join you?

602: As I was typing I got another call. The woman has gone missing and her fiance is looking for her. I’m still on the phone.

623: I’m on the phone. Should I get her number from her mother?

630: >>623 I wouldn’t…

639: >>623 You should think about this.

655: I’m still on the phone with the real estate. Her mother told me her IP phone number.

662: If you’re gonna meet her, do it in a designated place with lots of people around. Like a cafe. This is a serious response to what might be a troll.

683: How long does it take from Kurihara City to Sendai?

691: >>1 is really rera and is after all of us.

694: >>691 No way…

713: The woman may have heard her mother and fiance on the phone. He was on the phone in another room, and when he went back to the living room, she was gone.

747: What the hell!!!

755: >>747 What happened?

776: The mother was crying so much she could barely speak. She was driving so she hung up, but she kept saying, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry you got wrapped up in this, I thought it would be okay.”

799: >>776 So she’s on her way to rera’s house?

793: Just hung up with the real estate. It’s outside office hours so I feel bad.
“It’s late, so don’t worry,” they said, but I’m already in contact with the mother so I hung up for now. “If anything happens, please let us know,” they said, but I already feel bad…

806: >>793 You feel bad… If something happens, you better call them!

807: I can see outside from the veranda and no-one’s out there. I can’t get in contact with her mother…

813: >>807 Worry more about the front door than the veranda…

808: At least prepare a weapon. Bug spray or a bat or a clothesline or something.

810: That was my thought too. Anyway I’m gonna call the police.

847: The scariest thing is… she knows where you live.

866: I wish it was a dream. I looked out the peep hole while on the phone to the police and it was pitch black. I got so scared that I broke down into tears and couldn’t speak. My hands are shaking.

870: She’s outside! I didn’t even notice!

906: >>870 Make sure the door’s locked!!

911: >>870 Been a while since I got goosebumps like this…

881: The police are coming.

896: I still don’t have any friends here. Everything is locked. I can hear something scratching at the front door.

914: A phone’s ringing at the front door. They’re not answering. What song is this? I don’t know much about music these days…

926: >>914 You’ll be fine. The police are on their way, right? The door is locked? Drink some water and calm down.

929: >>914 This is a real “One Missed Call.”

920: I wish this was fake.
I’d be so happy if I looked through the peep hole and saw “You’ve Been Pranked!”

974: She’s knocking on the door.

979: This is the first time I’ve ever hoped a thread was fake.

Continues in Part 2.



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