I Got A Strange Letter In The Post (Part 3)

The number in italics denotes the original poster.

5: Here’s the new thread.

8: Is >>1 going to join us…?

10: Seems like he’s already decided it’s all over.

15: Honestly, I’m scared…

16: He really is in trouble. She came to his house and put something in the mailbox after the police came.

23: His neighbour is a 50-year-old woman. We can’t throw out the possibility it’s her. It’s dangerous to let her inside.

The mother doesn’t seem like she’s rera. rera is rera or the neighbour.

33: We might soon know who it is, but I’m worried about >>1’s safety…

46: If I keep typing here you’ll probably end up flaming me. It’s all a conspiracy or I’m just faking it, etc etc.

48: >>46 the man himself is back!!

50: >>46 Hello hello! Please continue!

54: No matter how you think about it, the neighbour has to be her. It’s odd that he hasn’t run into rera yet.

56: It’s my first time writing on the Paasoku boards. I almost never even look at them. At any rate, let me answer a few questions.

74: >Were the five letters put in the mailbox at the same time?
I don’t know. I was out of the house for a week on a business trip. But they were all folded differently, so maybe they were put in over different days?

>So your neighbour is good at cooking, meddlesome, always wears a long skirt, has long hair and is shy, right?
She’s a 50-year-old woman. She lives alone but apparently has a grandchild. There’s some story behind that.

>Did you already hand the pictures over to the police?
“Do you mind if we take these?” they asked. “They’re scary so I don’t need them back,” I said. I have them saved on my PC though.

>By the way, ramen is delicious, right? Don’t you think so too?
I do.

>The stationary is different.
Looks like it’s the same as the picture that was enclosed.

>When you say post, do you mean a door mailbox? Or something else?
A door mailbox.

>So what happened with rera’s mother after that?
>Did you get in contact with her again?
After she hung up I haven’t heard from her since.

>You should have someone you trust come over.
I don’t have any friends here.

76: There’s some story behind that = her grandchild is rera!

(((((((( ;゚Д゚))))))))

77: Wait, your neighbour has a grandchild? She doesn’t live alone?

78: >>77 Her grandchild lives in Iwate, she said. I don’t know what age they are or anything like that though. And sometimes I see her with an old guy. Maybe her boyfriend?

18: Did the mother get in contact with her daughter?

84: >>18 Not by the time we went to the police. Come to think of it, I don’t know what happened to her fiance either… He does seem to know that she’s a little unstable though.

88: Do they know the reason for her psychosis?

91: >>88 They don’t.

95: Hey, you go out and leave the windows open? Sorry if you’ve already covered this, but what floor do you live on? She might have done something to your apartment!

104: >>94 I live on the second floor. Of course I lock the door when I go to work, lol. But I usually leave the windows open.

99: Oh yeah, my neighbour apparently didn’t see the stalker (rera?)
There was a knock

She called the police

The knocking stopped

She looked outside

There was nobody there, so she rang my doorbell

122: >>1 So much happened today, you must be tired. Are you okay, staying awake like this? If you want to keep talking, I’ll be here.

132: >>122 I’m pretty tired, so I’ll probably go to bed soon.

139: Do the mother and daughter live apart?

145: >>139 Yeah. After the previous incident, the stalker got out of hospital and moved from Sendai, which was apparently part of the deal with the previous victim. Then recently she moved back to Sendai with her fiance.

148: Well then, I’m gonna go to bed. Thanks everyone for keeping me company so late. If something happens, I’ll let you all know. Good night.

149: >>148 Thanks for coming! Sleep well! I’m going to bed too!

248: Heeeey, >>1 If you’re alive, show your face! [Translator’s note: This was posted the following night]

254: Is he dead?

273: I’m here. Sorry I’m late.

At any rate, looks like I’m moving. After going to the police station I went to the real estate and they showed me to a new place and I have a temporary contract for now. After I get my certificate of residence tomorrow it’ll all be set up.

So I thought I should let my company know and I called my boss. “I’d like to hear more,” he said and so we chatted about it over some drinks.

It might get a little lengthy, but I’ll let you know what happened today. It might be a little late while I try to sort it all out in my head. Please understand.

I’m so tired…

283: I woke up today around lunchtime. As I was getting ready to go to the station, the police called me. They had found the stalker and she was at the police station. They wanted me to come as soon as possible.

285: Did rera get away?

289: I arrived at the station. The officer who questioned me last night took me into the same room. I handed him the new letter. Then I heard:
The stalker didn’t return to her own house last night (the apartment she shares with her fiance)
Her fiance found stationery that was the same as the letters I received.
He found the red pen she probably used to write them and her drawings
He has the day off work today, so he went to look for her as well. They told her work to alert them if they knew where she was.
Around lunchtime today she showed up to work. They alerted her fiance and he went over to get her.
They went to the station together. Then they started questioning her.

292: >>1 is here! What miraculous timing that I finished work now!

293: Her fiance found her red pen? So she brought another with her?

298: >>293 Ah, I forgot to write it. She had lots of red pens, all the same one.

So what they learnt from questioning:
The stalker was rera, and she acknowledged this.
She thought if she left a letter, she might find out something about the previous resident (Asamu Sakuto? I’ll call him Asamu).
After she visited my apartment, she spent the night in an internet cafe and then went to work.

Then she started saying all sorts of strange things, maybe because she was confused. They showed me the paper where they had written down what she said. I don’t remember it all, but some of it was like this:

I wrote that letter and drew that picture. But it wasn’t me. But it really was me that did it. But… (this went on in a loop)
I believed him and he betrayed me.
Where am I?
Why won’t you tell me?
I don’t know anything.
I know everything.
I listened to what you said, so why is this happening?
Let me go, now. He’s here to get me, right?
So you think you should take me back to the hospital again, huh?
I think it’s wrong. But who’s really in the wrong here?
You should ask him, not me. I don’t want to talk anymore. Stop asking me questions.

That wasn’t everything and I might have made some mistakes, but it was something like that.

301: So what really happened to the previous tenant?

309: >>She had lots of red pens.

You already had me at this, that’s terrifyinggggggg.

315: They weren’t getting anywhere, so they called the mother in for questioning again too. (Apparently she spent the night at rera’s house after that).

When she entered the room with rera in it, rera apparently started screaming at her, “You’re the one who’s wrong! It’s all your fault!” Her mother broke down in tears at her daughter’s anger, so they moved rera out of the room (she went to another room like a medical office or something with her fiance and another office) while they questioned her mother.

Last night and today have all jumbled up, but I’ll itemise what they learnt from the mother and what I heard. But in my opinion, it’s just the mother’s point of view, so she doesn’t really know what rera was thinking.

This will get a little long, so I’ll break it up.


  • Rera has mental problems, but they thought she was better now.
  • Rera started staying out overnight in junior high school, and then she started cutting her wrists as well.
  • Every time she did, her mother took her to the hospital. At first they took her for psychiatric counselling after treatment and then would let her go home, but at some point they realised she had another personality.
  • Then she was hospitalised.
  • They discovered she had a boyfriend. He was an older businessman.
  • While she was in the hospital, she wrote him numerous letters. She wrote his real name on the envelopes, but inside addressed him as Asamu Sakuto (or sometimes Asami Sakuto, like in the letters I got). Because apparently the doctors checked what was inside the envelopes.
  • She named herself rera in the letters.
  • Why she picked those names, apparently they were the names they used on a dating site when they met.
  • Asamu went to visit her numerous times, but then slowly stopped.
  • Around that time, her sickness got worse. She was allowed to leave only for her junior high graduation, and she attended that (I think she must have been in the hospital for quite a while).
  • She decided herself not to go to high school and to stay in the hospital (apparently she refused to do school by correspondence).


  • A short while later she was discharged (she commuted to the hospital on a regular basis) and started drawing pictures at home.
  • After she was discharged, rera started using the phone a lot. Sometimes it was Asamu, but usually it was to a friend she made in the hospital.
  • She continued cutting her wrists. She’d cut them, then stop the blood herself, over and over.
  • Asamu started to visit her at home. Rera’s condition started to calm down.
  • Or so they thought, but then Asamu disappeared. But rera still seemed fine, so her mother didn’t think much of it.
  • A short while later, her mother received contact from Asamu that said “rera is bothering me.”
  • For a month she had been sending him letters and sitting in front of his apartment waiting for him.
  • Her mother called her home to ask what was going on and soon realised they were involved with each other.
  • They had met on a dating site, but they’d never confessed any feelings to each other. Still, they slept together (rera was a virgin before him).
  • Every time she showed up, he was scared rera might do something.
  • Rera kept following him everywhere, so he wanted her mother to do something with her.
  • She was hospitalised again.
  • After she got out she moved to another city and she was forced not to go near Asamu again.
  • Then they moved to where her mother is currently living now.
  • Rera started part-time work without going to high school. One of her friends there introduced her to her now fiance and they started dating.
  • He moved to Sendai for his work, and a few months later rera followed him.

And then this incident happened. It’s not like I remember everything word for word, but that’s the gist.

326: >>324 You seriously deserve a break man, well done.

333: They wouldn’t tell me why she was hospitalised because that’s private. I asked if she was sexually assaulted, but they said that apparently she wasn’t. But it’s not very clear. The officer said “their feelings didn’t match.”

And as for the stalker taking on the name rera in the past, and Asamu Sakuto being a fake name for a real person, the police learnt that from the mother after I returned home from questioning, but without rera’s approval, they couldn’t contact me about it. I sure which they had.

I didn’t hear anything about her father. That’s all I heard. But hearing that, her actions really were strange, and the same thing might happen again, so I decided to move.

336: So Asamu having his way with her and then running off must have broken her. Whether he really was kind to her or not, it was like all he wanted from her was sex… Maybe he was like, well she’s sick, so whatever. Although only he himself knows.

343: They originally met on a dating website, so I wonder if rera was serious about him…

344: After hearing all that, the officer said, “rera’s mother wants to apologise to you, will you meet her?” “Yes,” I said, and the officer spoke to someone on the phone and then the mother shortly arrived. She was apparently in another room.She was a mess after crying all night, and she apologised for rera’s actions.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with her exactly, but I hope rera gets better soon,” I said. Her mother’s eyes started watering again. “My daughter has caused you great trouble, so if there’s anything I can do, please let me know,” she said.

“No, it’s over now, just please make sure it doesn’t happen again. Plus I’ll be moving from that apartment anyway,” I said. “If so, then please let me pay for your moving fees,” she said.

I didn’t think she’d say such a thing, so I was confused about what to do. For some reason I wasn’t like, sweet, it won’t cost me anything. But then I overheard the officer saying “what should I do at a time like this…” lol.

346: I hear that multiple personality disorder often develops in people who were abused by their parents as kids. Looking at what the mother said, seems like there really was a problem at home.

349: “You two should decide that amongst yourselves,” the officer said, and the mother promised that she wouldn’t let rera do the same thing again (she would keep in contact with her at regular intervals) and she agreed to pay for my moving fees.

In the end, I never saw rera. I kinda wanted to see her, but I think not seeing her was the right answer. Maybe if I did, I might feel sympathy for her or something.

So I borrowed the phone at the police station and called the real estate to explain everything, and they took me out right away to see a new place, then after that I contacted my boss and we went out for drinks and I told him everything, and now here we are.

351: >>349 Man, you’ve been through hell.

353: I’m glad I got to see this through to the end! 1, take a break, man!

355: They didn’t really get to the core of things, and I feel like what I heard was rather short, and yet putting it all together myself it came out rather long.

But honestly, I never saw it coming to this. When I saw the first letters I was like, “yeaaaah, something I can post about on the VIP boards, let’s goooooo lol” and I just wanted people to have a laugh. So now I feel really strange.

357: >>1 Your neighbour is probably also worried, so once things calm down you should go and let her know.

360: >>356 According to the real estate, they’re going to negotiate with the landlord to keep the apartment free for a while after what happened. “Will he agree?” I asked and he said, “If I bow my head in apology.” What a nice person, what the hell.

364: At first I made my handle using the word “crazy” but then I felt bad so I changed it. [Translator’s note: Users can input text that will be encrypted and show up as an ID to identify them as the same person within a thread, and in this case the original poster put in the word “crazy” in Japanese to identify himself, even though it only shows up as random letters and numbers for other users]

Anyway, that’s all I have to report.

Take care, everyone!

365: Later! I’m so relieved that I can finally sleep now.

369: Sleep well! The guys are your real estate are too nice, lol.

405: Hey… check this out…

[Translator’s note: The first and last letters, alternating, spell out “this is fake.” Whether this was coincidence or planned is still talked about today]

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