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Flat Earthers Say The South Pole Is a Wall of Ice & Space Doesn’t Exist

4: But if you climb a mountain, you can feel the roundness of the Earth. I felt it when I climbed Tokyo Tower.

5: >>4 That’s just a visual illusion.

34: >>5 Take a photo, you’ll see it.

6: So how do you explain the four seasons then?

15: If this wall of ice is infinitely high, then we’d be able to see it with our naked eyes.

7: The edges are warp zones, and if you enter them you’ll warp to the other side of the planet. This is the truth.

12: Maybe all those photos from space are lies and the planet really is flat.

21: What about the oceans?

28: So you’re denying every single satellite photo? Lol. Are you kidding me? What merit is there in that?

29: Straight lines don’t exist in the natural world. Of course flat surfaces don’t either.

36: I don’t care what theory you believe in, but why has it become a religious movement now?

39: It’s not unbelievable, if we consider space a simulation like a planetarium.


This is their Earth, lol. I don’t get it. How do you explain time differences?

180: >>48 It’s cool, kinda like Laputa.

266: >>48 Hey, it’s round underneath.

57: Well, this world might not even really exist, let alone a round planet (´・ω・`)

69: It’s just like whether you believe in the theory of evolution or not.

78: I wonder if there’s anyone who works in space that believes the Earth is flat?

84: In a day and age where kids attach cameras to balloons and film from space, lol.

106: I’d like to hear Flat Earthers explain how satellites float in space then.

111: >>106 Once they pass the atmosphere they just float.

151: That’s wrong. Earth is actually on the inside. If you fall towards the sky, you’ll land on the other side of the planet.

176: I’d actually like for them to try and convince me. I wonder what it’s like to come to believe the planet isn’t a globe, how they feel about an idiot like me who believes it’s round.

203: Scientifically, the planet is a globe. But for those who live on its surface, it doesn’t matter whether its flat or not. It’s not like I don’t get that. I can’t explain it well though.

208: Nice. Progress begins when we question the obvious.

212: Earth is supported by a giant elephant. That’s just common knowledge these days.

250: So how do they comprehend live images from ISS?

257: Do they not think when they look at the round sun and moon?

263: >>257 Even ancient people looked at the shadow from the lunar eclipse and realised that it was round, which meant that our planet was round as well.

260: I naturally believe the planet is round, but I think it’s fine to believe it’s flat too. It’s interesting to hear other people’s opinions.

8: Whether the Earth is flat or round, I’ll never leave my room so it doesn’t matter!



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