What To Do When You Feel A Presence Looking At You

You’re alone in your room. Nobody else around. Yet you can feel eyes on you. You can’t see anything, but someone—or something—is definitely looking at you. When this happens, what can you do? How can you tell if it’s just your imagination, or if something ghostly is really there?

Take a look at the following quiz and note down how many questions you answer “yes” to:

1. Did you feel this sensation more than twice?
2. Does it feel like somebody is looking at you?
3. Have you been suffering from headaches and sore shoulders lately?
4. Can you hear voices?
5. Do things move around in your room?

So, how did you do? Let’s take a look at what it means depending on how many questions you answered “yes” to:

0-1: It’s just your imagination.
2-3: It’s just a wandering ghost.
4-5: It’s a bad, bad ghost.

Now that you’ve determined whether it’s your imagination or not, what can you do? If you’ve come to no harm, then there’s no reason to worry. You can generally leave it be and the presence will pass in a few days. But if any of the following happens, take note. You might be in danger.

  • You can hear sounds and footsteps
  • You notice what looks like the shadow of a person
  • You can feel eyes on you
  • You can hear soft voices and breathing
  • Something invisible strikes you

The further down the list you go, the more dangerous this spirit becomes. With each step, the ghost is closing the distance between you and it, and you really don’t want to reach that final stage. If it’s a weak spirit, you can take care of matters yourself. A quick visit to a shrine or temple should be enough to cleanse you and repel the spirit. But if it’s a strong spirit, you’ll need help from a professional. Seeking out a priest, monk, or spirit medium is your best bet.

It’s also important to take not that if you happen to hear a familiar voice, smell perfume or tobacco, or see a face float to mind when something moves, you may actually be dealing with an ikiryo, or living spirit, instead. In this case, someone has developed a terrifying grudge against you, and you’ll need to deal with the source of that before you can truly get rid of the spirit. Be aware of how you treat others and don’t let matters go so far that an ikiryo comes to life!

If ever in doubt, it never hurts to visit or speak to a professional. Be kind, be aware, and you can easily avoid a terrible fate!


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