Kaihan: Bizarre Crimes That Shook Japan Out Now!

Love true crime? How about unsolved mysteries? Do you love reading about the bizarre, the unfathomable, the mysterious and the downright strange? Then Kaihan: Bizarre Crimes That Shook Japan is the book for you, and it’s out now!

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Kaihan: Bizarre Crimes That Shook Japan looks at 21 different cases from Japan that were so baffling, so bizarre, so mystifying that most remain unsolved to this day. From murders to disappearances to robberies, these strange crimes defy explanation and have puzzled both detectives and the public for decades. What really happened? Why? How were so many criminals able to get away with it? What makes them so strange and, the more you think about it, so terrifying? Hit those links above to find out why right now! Available in ebook, paperback, or free with Kindle Unlimited!

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