Tell Me How You’d Survive Seeing Sadako’s Video

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1: If you dub it and show it to someone, it spreads.

2: I’d make a YouTuber do it.

3: I’d visit her well and move in with her.

10: >>3 That’s terrifying.

4: I’d dub it and show it to Sadako.

10: >>4 If you’re gonna show it to Sadako, then you have to wait for her to come out of the TV, right?

5: I’d enjoy my new lifestyle with Sadako when she arrives.

7: I’d hurry and play it on another TV. Then I’d put the monitors with the cursed scenery facing each other. She’d move from monitor to monitor and then return to the well.

8: I’d throw my TV down a well.

12: It’s not like she has to come out of a TV though.

13: I wouldn’t answer the phone call after.

15: A girl crawling out of your screen is like a dream situation.

16: I’d place a mirror.

18: What’s wrong with spreading her tape?

28: >>18 It’s awful.

19: I mean, if people keep dubbing and spreading her tape, isn’t Sadako gonna be busy?

28: >>19 Sadako can divide herself, right?

22: On the contrary, I’d impose upon her inside the TV.

26: Can you commit suicide before she kills you? Is there any negative point to doing that?

38: >>26 In Sadako vs Kayako, when someone tried to commit suicide it decreased their time limit and Sadako appeared to kill them anyway.

44: >>38 Seriously!? Holy shit!! Well that’s out then. It’s a tough one.

27: I’d watch on a small TV and then her chest or butt would get stuck when she tried to crawl out.

31: >>27 What are you gonna do if a tiny Sadako crawls out?

29: Her story in the novels and movies is different, right?

32: >>29 Really?

33: I’d call the NHK guy and have them battle it out.
**Translator’s note: NHK, the public broadcasting channel, collect fees from every person in Japan who owns a TV. Their fee collectors are known to be especially stubborn and aggressive in getting their money and they never give up.

36: I’d call Ghostbusters.

46: In the novels, you die from a tumour, so how about having a surgeon on standby? There are oddly a lot of loopholes. In the end, it’s all just imaginary anyway.

50: I’d set off a cockroach bomb and set it before the TV.

54: >>50 That would only kill the cockroaches.

55: I’d insist I never watched the tape.

57: >>55 She’ll still come.

60: I’d dub it and show it to my dog.

69: Couldn’t you just place the TV screen so it’s facing the floor?

73: As the final moment to show somebody the tape approaches, show it to the next person. Then everyone sleeps with each other. Then children are born all over the world. Show the tape to them and gain some extra time. Finally, Sadako kills half the population, but the number of people won’t change from what it was beforehand. It’ll rejuvenate society, everyone’s happy!

80: Come to think of it, I think in the novel Rasen there was a dubbing error and from there it escalated. Even if people took the correct steps to avoid it, some of them still died. Isn’t that how the protagonist’s wife and child died?

82: I’d give up, live the rest of my life to the fullest, and then in the end get scared and show the video to my parents.

91: I wonder if a mini-size Sadako will appear if you watch it on a phone screen?

94: Even though it’s Sadako, it’s still a crime. I’d call the police and have them arrest her.

103: If you watched it on Alta Vision (the giant screens on the side of buildings in Shinjuku) would a giant Sadako appear?

107: I’d end the video tape industry itself.

113: I dunno about in the movies, but in the original Rasen novel you can’t avoid her anymore. Plus if a woman sees the tape on her period then she’ll give birth to Sadako, so in the end the world is overrun with Sadakos.

110: I don’t have a video player.

77: If you keep playing by the water’s edge, demons will come.
**Translator’s note: This is a line from the Ringu movie that hints at Sadako’s origins and the dangers of playing near water (traditionally, ghosts are said to move through water when passing through this world to the next, or when returning to this one).

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  • January 22, 2020 at 5:02 pm

    How would you avoid Sadako?


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