Parasite Eve

Asian horror aficionados can always tell the source of the entertainment.

Korean and Japanese entertainment is just different enough from one another and the other out there like Chinese entertainment.

Video games are the same, and while the US is a massive hub of gaming, the ruler of all during the 90s was Japan.

Horror video games became a thing early on, but were made all the more terrifying when CAPCOM got involved.

Resident Evil changed everything, but I want to instead talk about Squaresoft’s involvement in the horror genre and mention a video game that is slowly being forgotten: Parasite Eve.

The score for the game was amazing, like most Square games from that era, the tone of the game was dark, and it was fearlessly set up as a role-playing game.

Unique is probably the best word to describe Parasite Eve. It’s weird and it likes being weird.

It’s not every day that a game developer has the guts to open a game with a beautiful cinematic of an opera-going audience spontaneously combusting and all burning to death.

While it takes place in NYC, the story and structure is very recognizable as a Japanese horror story.

Dark tones, resilient women, ultimate weapons, and the aforementioned level of weird are dumped into all the right places with the story.

The game play is also solid, but it says something about a game when twenty years later someone is writing about the story that takes place in the game.

I don’t even want to spoil any of this or give away the plot. It’s been twenty years and I’ve been dancing around truly dissecting this because it’s available through a myriad of ways and you should go out and play it right now.

If you want to freak out, see why Square was the king of games back in the day, and experience something truly original, Parasite Eve is for you.

It is the seasons after all.

Happy Halloween.

Ashley Franz Holzmann

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