The Top 8 Strongest Creatures of 2chan

I stumbled across an article recently about the “strongest creatures of 2chan” and found the results interesting, so I thought I’d share them with you guys! They ranked the creatures/curses/ghosts/etc by two criteria:

  1. Scope of their influence on people (aka their reach).
  2. Their durability.

That’s it. These are obviously full of spoilers for the various stories, so proceed at your own risk!

8. Kunekune

Coming in at number eight, that wobbly white thing in the rice fields, Kunekune! Kunekune affects people mentally, and once you’ve seen it up close, there’s no helping you. There are no reports of a single person coming back from the insanity Kunekune inflicts upon them. However, unless you directly see Kunekune, it can’t affect you, so it comes in at the bottom of the list.

7. Kinkisaki—Pandora—

Kinkisaki, or Pandora, is a story about a strange ritual that took place in family home. All that remains is some human hair and a piece of paper with the word “Kinkisaki” on it. Happening to see the paper alongside parts of the person’s body who took part in the ritual causes a mental breakdown. It takes only a few seconds, and then it’s all over.

6. Hasshaku-sama

Everybody’s favourite, Hasshaku-sama. Once she’s set her sights on you, it’s game over. The protagonist of her story manages to escape with the help of family and a bunch of monks, but in the end it’s still not enough. She breaks free despite it all to take what is hers, which means Hasshaku-sama comes in at number six.

5. Yamanoke

Yamanoke lives in the mountains and possesses women. Once you’ve been possessed, you have 49 days to be rid of the possession or you’ll never regain your sanity. Although Yamanoke doesn’t kill, the creature is extremely difficult to cleanse once it has possessed a person, making it slightly more difficult to deal with than Hasshaku-sama.

4. Kotoribako

The infamous cursed box. It curses and then kills all women and children who go near it. The chippou, supposedly the strongest of all kotoribakos, contains the sacrifices of seven children within it. There are, however, rumours of an even more dangerous box. The hakkai is said to contain eight children, but this box is considered mythical and its effects unknown. In order to reduce the box’s power, it must be cared for over hundreds of years, making this box a real pain in the ass and terribly difficult to deal with.

3. Pandemic

“Pandemic” is a tatarigami from the Sengoku Period. A young man opened a box featuring the god’s shintai (the object said to house the god) and that alone killed several people from his village. The creature has a range of 10 kilometres within which no-one is safe. Not even Shinto priests can do anything about it, so he’s pretty darn durable. That brings him in at number three.

2. Kankandara

The former miko turned into a strange yokai whose true form nobody knows. According to her origin story, 18 villagers lost their lives because of her. The protagonists of her story in modern times only got out alive because she was feeling generous that day. There’s no way to be rid of her curse if she so chooses to lay it upon you, and the only way people know to deal with her is to carve out a section of forest or mountains and let her roam free until it’s time to move her somewhere else again. You don’t control Kankandara. She just lets you think you do.

1. Ryoumen Sukuna

The deformed mummy, sealed away in a box and used for evil. Merely opening the box will cause your death. Those who are unfortunate enough to be nearby will also find their lives shortened. Ryoumen Sukuna was made by powerful kodoku magic, and several disasters have been attributed to him, including over 12,000 deaths. Volcanic explosions, earthquakes, fires, floods; a wide range of disasters from 1914-1922 have been attributed to him, and it was only once he was sealed and hidden away that they stopped. Worst of all, there’s no getting rid of him, and that makes this guy number one for sheer durability and reach.



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