Top 20 Japanese Urban Legends People Believed Were Real

Rankings, like everywhere else in the world, are a big thing in Japan. There are numerous websites and phone apps that allow people to vote on various subjects and that data is later gathered into rankings. Like the Top 8 strongest creatures of 2chan that I posted yesterday, today I have another list. This time it’s the top 20 urban legends that women believed were real. Let’s take a look:

20. You can run into the Headless Rider on a certain expressway at night. (30.9)
19. A troubled child on a certain children’s program was replaced during an ad break with a stuffed toy. (31.1)
18. The children’s song “Kagome Kagome” was based on the story of a serial killer. (34.3)
17. There is a nuclear bomb shelter underneath Kokkaigi-jidomae Station. (37)
16. The children’s song “Hana Ichi Monme” is actually about the slave trade. (38.6)
15. If you leave the fan on when you fall asleep, you will die. (42.3)
14. The human-faced dog is real. (43.4)
13. Man hasn’t actually been to the moon yet. (46.3)
12. If an animal is unable to perform cutaneous respiration, it will die. (52.9)
11. If you look in the mirror at midnight exactly, you’ll see a reflection of your face at death. (55.9)
10. A trial was held over the old lady who put a cat in the microwave to dry and the microwave maker. (57.7)
9. Kuchisake-onna is real. (59)
8. You’ll be forced onto tuna boats to repay debt. (64.6)
7. Thanks to reduced school hours, modern children believe pi = 3. (78.2)
6. If you hiccup more than 100 times, you’ll die. (80.1)
5. You’ll be served katsudon (crumbed pork on rice) when being questioned by police at the station. (84.8)
4. If you ride a boat with your partner in Inokashira Park’s pond, you’ll break up. (88).
3. You can work part-time in a hospital washing dead bodies. (88.6)
2. If you stand in the middle of a photo with three people, you will die. (94.1)
1. Compasses don’t work in Aokigahara. (100)

So, how about you guys? Did you also believe that some of these were true? How about urban legends from your own country? Let me know in the comments!



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