Kisaragi Station movie is coming!

In case you hadn’t heard the news yet, a Kisaragi Station movie is coming! Starring Sato Eriko and Tsunematsu Yuri, the film will adapt the infamous legend that was born on 2channel back in 2004. It’s set in the present day and features Haruna (Tsunematsu) as a university student who wants to write about the infamous station as part of her graduation thesis. She manages to track down “Hasumi” (Sato) for an interview, and thus their stories begin to intertwine.

The movie will reportedly make use of first person scenes for the flashbacks to Kisaragi Station to make us feel as though we’re actually there. An official website has been set up with some basic story and character information, and you can also watch a trailer for the film here:

The film will be directed by Nagae Jiro, whose filmography includes a long list of 2channel and other such related movies, so that should give you some idea of what to expect here. Are you guys excited for this one? Let me know down below, and check out the neat poster too!

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