Building N movie releases April 29!

Building N (N-Goutou), a new Japanese horror movie based on the supposedly real hauntings of an entire apartment complex in Gifu in the early 2000s will release on April 29, and you can now check out the trailer for it here:

Directed by Goto Yosuke and starring Hagiwara Minori, Yamaya Kasumi, and Kura Yuuki, the film sees three university students visit the apartment complex that was supposedly haunted two decades ago, but when they get there, they find that it is oddly still inhabited. From there, things continue to take a strange turn for the worse, and when not even a suicide right in front of their eyes fazes the other residents, the students realise that something is terribly, terribly wrong… What’s really going on here? Only one way to find out…

You can visit the official website here and check out the poster below. No word on a Western release date yet.

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