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I ranked jobs that would be the strongest in a fight

1: S – Professional martial artists
A – Military personnel, soldiers, yakuza
B – Police, construction workers, transportation workers
C – Others

Tell me your differing opinions.

2: There are no dancers here.

3: Most police hold advanced ranks in kendo or judo though.

4: Yakuza is a job?

5: Are yakuza good at fighting?

6: It’s gotta be self-made men right (unemployed).

7: What about SP?

8: Yakuza < Police means Japan is done for lol.

9: Aren’t the yakuza only strong in large numbers?

10: What special skills do the yakuza have?

11: S – professional baseball players.

12: I reckon soldiers would be stronger than professional martial artists.

13: The only yakuza who are strong are the trained martial artists.

14: SS – those of us here on the internet.

15: SSS – sumo wrestlers.

16: >12 There are professional martial artists who were former soldiers, so they’ve gotta be stronger.

17: A fighter can’t even beat a yakuza, let alone a soldier.

18: If you consider a fight as something where they kill each other, then martial artists are one rank down from soldiers.

19: Rugby players.

20: Hitmen.

21: Athletes and fishermen seem strong.

22: Farmers.

23: SS – Convenience store workers (night shift).

24: No matter how you look at it, Murofushi-san is the strongest.

25: >5 They mostly do desk work so they’re weak.

26: Specialist home security guard for defence.

27: Anything goes in a fight, right? So whoever has a gun is gonna be stronger than a martial artist.

28: I forgot to mention, but this would be a fight without weapons, only fists.

29: What about a martial artist with a dojo?

30: Soldiers seem like they would be the strongest.

31: A soldier’s fingers are his life, so you mustn’t bully them!

32: Are soldiers and self-defence forces something different?

33: B+ – removalists.

34: If there were no rules, then I feel like martial artists would be weak…

35: SSSSS – The Emperor.

36: What gumi are you from…?!
This country’s strongest organisation.
Country…?! The armed forces…?!
That means you’ve picked a fight with someone much bigger than yourself!

37: Murofushi has to be the strongest.



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