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What’s with people who park in the farthest spot from the convenience store late at night?

1: It’s scary.

2: They’re just sleeping.

4: They’re just using the Wi-Fi.

7: >>4 I laughed.

5: It’s the owner’s car.

8: Wi-Fi doesn’t reach the end of the car park, does it?

12: They’re just practising spending the night in a car.

16: They probably don’t want to go home for some reason.

20: If you live in the countryside, the odds of the store owner getting pissed at you is slim.

22: It’s me.

27: It’s my designated spot 🙁

28: They’re just taking a break.

30: They’re playing games on their phone using the Wi-Fi.

39: There’s a good chance that a car left in the parking lot of a pachinko parlour late at night could be having an affair.

40: It’s probably a pimp.

43: It’s probably a 24 hour emergency worker.

44: I moved into the city from the countryside and there are a lot of people like that here. If you do that in the countryside everyone looks at you weird and you become all the focus.

47: I do this when I’m tired and want to rest. They’ll get upset if you idle so it’s just a short break.

53: Park next to him. Then it’s a battle of wills to see who moves first.

57: I’ve seen a girl get out of a car like that and then get into a truck, but I don’t know if she was cheating or not.

56: I hate cars like that, so I pull up behind them and put my high beam on.



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