Spirits Only Live 400 Years

1: The lifespan of Japanese ghosts is 400 years?! The proof lies in the fact that the spirits of fallen warriors near Sekigahara have been decreasing in recent years… A shocking tweet has gone viral!

11: I see. Interesting.

15: Well, if there were too many ghosts around we’d probably be in trouble anyway.

112: >>15 Yeah, the land on Earth isn’t endless either. I wonder if 400 years is the time limit? I mean, we don’t see mammoth or T-Rex ghosts, do we?

244: >>112 I saw a rhinoceros beetle spirit the other day.

16: Well, it depends on the strength of the desires you leave behind. Of course they fade with time.

17: Is it really that long? It’s like 400 years of hard labour.

22: It feels like once you die, then you go to another world and have to toil there.

24: Taira no Masakado: “Well it’s about time I retire.”

77: >>24 Masakado huh? So if left alone, then he would naturally disintegrate or reincarnate, but then in a certain sense, being sealed means preserving his spirit for a long time, huh?

151: >>77 It’s like a vacuum pack.

169: >>24 It’s not only Masakado, but all vengeful spirits will go on forever. That means Asahara (Shoko) too.

28: People have been saying this for a long time, lol. It’s being released from purgatory.

30: The Hakkoda incident happened in 1902. Still a while for them yet.

42: There are battlefields everywhere. Are there ghosts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What about from the Tokyo fire bombings?

95: >>42 I was shocked when I went on a business trip to Hiroshima. The client I was with was like, “You get used to it.”

592: >>42 There are lots of stories, like the ghost of a girl who appears in the school toilets after she’s killing in the bombings. Are you a little slow?

53: All those fallen soldiers reincarnated into you lot, lolol.

54: I wonder if when a ghost dies, they become Ghost 2, and when that one dies, it becomes Ghost 3, on and on forever?

57: Around the time Ringu aired, ghosts stopped wearing old Japanese-style clothes and started wearing white dresses. I propose that ghost fashion is decided by what’s popular in horror movies at the time.

58: Indeed. It’s true, you don’t hear stories of samurai ghosts, huh…

68: Those who don’t realise they’re dead become ghosts, right?

97: I wonder which is better, Heaven where nothing happens, or Hell where things go down daily?

116: It’s the passing of time, they’ve all moved on to another world now.

129: There are onryo from the Heian period, but the ones from the Muromachi period are so minor that they don’t appear.

143: Eyes can’t see infrared. Maybe ghosts are the same.

155: But if ghosts exist, then thinking about all the trips you could take after death seems real fun. I would definitely appear in ghost photos.

185: If every single life turned into a ghost, there would be so many of them.

207: Has the Earth reached its temporary file limit?

305: >>207 You gotta do regular clean ups, yeah?

301: I’m fascinated by the idea of what happens to my ego after death.

105: >>1 One night I woke up and found a fallen Taira soldier standing by my bed. I started chanting “namu amida butsu” and he was like, “Do you really think that’s going to work!?!” I dunno, but it was like he’d levelled up or something.



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