I Can See Ghosts, AMA

1: I’ll answer what I can.

4: How did you get such an ability?

8: >>4 My grandfather could apparently see ghosts. My younger sister and I could sense dangerous places, but recently it has woken up.

7: What type of things can you perceive?

11: >>7 I can sense dangerous places and if someone is being possessed.

24: I see. It must be both convenient and terrible. What awakened your abilities?

27: >>24 I’ve been working with someone who can see ghosts, and ever since then I’ve gained more abilities as well.

10: Read me and tell me what you see.

12: >>10 I can’t do that unless I see you face to face. Anyone who says they can over the internet is a fake.

13: Is there life after death?

15: >>13 The layers are divided depending on the level of the person. The place you can go to is different for each person depending on your abilities.

16: I want to change my life. What can I do to invite good luck and shift my fortunes?

20: >>16 You should change how you think. The law of attraction is a thing.

28: Apparently there was an experiment to help people artificially sense ghosts. What do you think of that? By the way, apparently it was a success. https://www.wired.com/2014/11/robot-ghost/

29: >>28 Artificially? How do they do that? Sounds interesting.

32: Did you know that at the start of the 19th century, they carried out all sorts of experiments in America to test whether spirits were real or not. The results were promising but everything was proven to be a trick or something they couldn’t get to happen again.

If people exist that can see ghosts then why did the results prove that everything was fake? Are you saying that all of these people have colluded to keep quiet about it from the rest of the world?

33: >>32 There are some things that science can’t explain. I think that it won’t be too long before science will prove that spirits are real as well.

34: >>33 You ignored the latter half of my message. You so-called people who can see ghosts just have terrible eyes and ears. This always happens.

36: >>34 Fake incidents happen because people caused them to happen. It’s not people who can see ghosts making them occur, it’s people pretending that they can. I don’t think that’s such a big deal though?

38: Do curses exist?

39: >>38 They do. In the exorcism world there are categories, dead spirits, living spirits, animals, jinxes, and curses. That’s how important they are. There are various ways to create and break them. By the way, playing tag by yourself isn’t a form a spiritualism according to mediums but a curse, so you mustn’t ever do it. You’ll curse yourself.

41: >>39 You mean playing hide and seek alone?

42: >>41 That’s it! Whoever spread that is a terrible person, I think.

49: You’re just schizophrenic.

54: >>49 To an outsider it probably looks that way, yeah.



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