Dangerous Apartments on Oshima Teru

Note: Oshima Teru is a website that gives listings of properties not just around Japan but around the world where people have died, or something terrible has happened that might make people wary of living in them. These are generally called jiko bukken, literally “accident properties,” but generally translated into English as “stigmatised properties.”

1: Let’s find some.

3: First of all, here’s this legend.

4: In the municipal housing I live in now, they found a dead body on the floor above me, but there’s nothing there now.

6: What the hell is that?

7: >>6 A mental case went nuts.

9: >>7 Humans are the real scary things after all, huh?

18: It’s not on Oshima Teru, but there was a landlord and tenant near me who got into a dispute over money and the tenant did a runner during the night. The landlord went nuts and covered the entire place in curses written all over the walls. It was scary.

22: There was a place where all the tenants died, right?

24: >>22 Huh, where was that?

27: >>24 Somewhere near Nagata Ward in Kyoto.

23: Overseas is no joke.

(22 people kill by gunshots)

26: >>23 So they have some overseas as well, huh? But holy shit.

29: >>26 Shootings are so common in America that apparently people come and go without caring about it.

28: That site doesn’t check its information clearly so it pisses me off. It has my house and my friends’ houses on there as the sites of murders, they write whatever they want.

31: >>28 Nah, it’s just you that doesn’t know about the truth of your own house.

34: >>31 No, nothing ever happened here. It’s just ill will.

32: I love this one.

(After taking a large amount of drugs, a 40-year-old man choked on a 20-year-old woman’s waste and died. The woman, seeing this, then died of a heart attack)

36: >>32 LOL.

37: >>32 It’s like a parody of Romeo and Juliet.

40: >>32 Too dark.

41: >>32 That’s gotta be fake…

38: This one’s already on there.

(A hanging posted the very same day as the 2chan thread)

43: >>38 Huh, so that’s possible as well.

52: >>38 Is it an instant suicide report site or something?

56: There’s a talisman house in Hiroshima and the explanation text gives me chills. It’s close to my house.

58: >> 56 There’s one in Okayama too.

63: And in Kurashiki. So there’s also one in Hiroshima, huh?

66: >>63 No way! I live in Kurashiki!

71: There’s one in Kurashiki too? I know of the place near Nitori that became popular on 2ch a while back though.

62: What does it say about Inunaki Ridge?

68: How do you search for these stigmatised properties?

70: Does it list famous places like the Amagasaki confinement or the Fukuoka brainwashing murder or the Osaka child abandonment case?

75: This thread makes my shoulders feel heavy.

82: They’re all suicides.

84: Korea’s got some crazy ones as well.

(29 people dead in a fire)

(A serial killer of 20 people in Seoul lived in this apartment, murdering 11 of his victims in the toilet with a hammer before dismembering the bodies)

92: What the hell is this…

(Rumours of a ghost)

93: I feel like a skeleton was found in the parking lot of a supermarket there.

94: Shiiii… Are there any articles on this one?

(1127 dead in building collapse)

95: >>94 Wasn’t this a natural disaster?

96: >>95 It just says building collapse. The ghosts there have gotta be crazy.

97: Was it terrorism?

99: >>97 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_Dhaka_garment_factory_collapse
I think I saw this on Unbelievable once.

98: Remarks: All tenants died by suicide (poison).

100: >>98 Where?

101: >>100 Apparently an apartment in Otani-cho, Kobe City.


(Police and Monk came. Death by illness).
The way of writing is a little…

108: Psychological flaw.
What on earth does that mean?

111: >>108 In cases of suicide or murder and they’re forced by law to mention it.

113: >>111 On that note, apparently they only have to notify you of what happened with the previous tenant, so I heard that they’ll have some young person stay for a short time so they don’t have to tell people about what happened there anymore. I dunno if that’s true or not though.

116: Looking at overseas places, it really stands out how many suicides there are in Japan.

117: Found a terrifying live person.

(Night after night a Christian screams in a strange voice).

118: >>117 That’s a stigmatised property…?

119: >>118 Because it’s not somewhere people can live…


Mummy. It’s like a kid.

121: Mummy, those few simple characters for a dead body that hasn’t yet turned to bone, ah, I can feel the aesthetics of wabi-sabi.

42: I thought of a funny joke, but I have nowhere to tell it so I’ll put it here.
Me: “I’m here at a dangerous property from Oshima Teru. What awaits us inside?” *click*
Me: “Ah, it’s locked.”

44: >>42 This is the real accident right here.



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