Which is the scariest yokai of all?

An anonymous user of 2chan wished to know, which is the scariest yokai of all? Let’s take a look at some of the answers he received.


1. I don’t know much about yokai, so tell me, which is the scariest of all?

6. Kunekune.

7. Satori. It reads people’s minds so you can’t plot against it.

8. Shouldn’t we pick from soranaki, the nine-tailed kitsune, and the tengu?

11. >> 8 He’s not asking for the strongest, he’s asking for the scariest, so I think something simpler is better.

15. >> 11 My bad. The scariest, huh? But you can’t deny that the strongest = the scariest, right?

18. >> 15 Too strong and they’re basically gods, so that’s no good.

12. I reckon Nurarihyon.

14. Gashadokuro.

19. If we’re talking the big leagues, Kunekune or Hasshaku-sama I guess.

21. >> Like he said, Kunekune is pretty terrifying. Gotta be something like that.

23. Tensoumetsu (Yamanoke).

24. Hinode. It’s in the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons and crushes everything underfoot.

26. >>24 If you’re gonna go with that, I’d say it’s impossible to understand more than it’s scary.

31. Namahage.

33. Makuragaeshi is unexpectedly scary.

35. Something like Uwan, all it does is scream “uwan!” and I don’t get it so it’s scary.

41. >>35 Nah man, Uwan calls to you by saying “uwan” and if you say “uwan” back it drags you into a coffin face-to-face with a rotting dead body.


43. The yokai that hides your remote.
The yokai that steals time.
The yokai that climbs into bed and revives bitter memories.

44. You shouldn’t think so lightly of kappa. Next thing you know, they’ve eaten your soul and you’re dead.

47. How Rokurokubi detaches her head from her body is freakishly scary. I pissed myself.

49. The monster creature from the summer resort job creepypasta was scary.

54. Azukiarai sings songs. Azuki araou ka, hito totte kuraou ka. (Shall I wash some beans, shall I eat some humans)

57. Daidarabocchi. I reckon it’s the scariest of all the giants.

66. If you want a serious answer, Nagatobimaru (Ushio to Tora).

68. I dunno if it’s scary, but my favourite yokai is Tenaga Ashinaga.

75. Maybe Funayurei?

76. I reckon the Nue is pretty scary.

80. That thing in Nube that appears and takes people’s legs.

85. Maa. It’s from Okinawa. It’s a shapeless lump of meat and when people run into it, it opens its mouth and swallows them whole. I dunno much about it, but the fact that its main purpose is to eat people makes it pretty scary.

96. The only real answer is Warai Hannya.

238. >>96 I thought that was Kudo Shizuka.

107. Nurikabe.

138. Nurikabe really is terrifying. You’re walking along and suddenly walk into an invisible wall. You turn around and then walk into another invisible wall. There are invisible walls all around you and they start getting closer and closer… finally… aaaahhhhhhh!

110. Thinking about it closely, kappa are pretty scary. They drag you into the water and kill you.

112. Umibozu. Just thinking about being attacked by a group of giants out on the sea is terrifying.

123. There’s something called Shichinin Misaki, isn’t there? Is that a yokai?

129. >>123 I dunno if it’s a yokai so much as a story passed down or folklore maybe?

130. Kanbarinyudo is pretty scary.

153. >>130 He’s just a nice yokai supporting your bowel movements in the toilet.

163. >>153 You can do it~~ You can do it~~

164. >>163 I can’t relax that way! And it depends on where the support is coming from. If it’s from below then might as well stand on it.

165. >>164 If it’s from below then you can just bomb it.

139. It’s scarier than it is strong, but if we’re including modern yokai, Kunekune is pretty scary.

144. Gotta be Satsujin Matt. Top class and plays dirty.

148. >>144 What’s that? I tried googling but I’m too lazy to read, so could you explain it simply? Thanks.

149. >>148 Bullying murder cases.

151. >>149 Eh? …Thanks. So, the joke is that people are the scariest of all?

166. Hyosube. If you laugh together, you die.

173. >>166 Those types of rules piss me off. Why do I have to follow your rules, huh?

175. Mikoshinyudo? Running into that would be awful.

42. Ushi-oni? I read a yokai encyclopedia when I was a kid and it said it was the strongest.

204. It’s gotta be Ushi-oni, no doubt. Those who read Kitaro in the 80s know what I’m talking about.

210. Hisaruki is plain and terrifying. Might just be fiction, but some also say it might be an oni.

221. >>210 What’s Hisaruki? Don’t think just because you know it that everyone else does. What is it?

231. Hisaruki is that thing, right? Something was stabbing insects on the fence of a kindergarten and they thought it was the children but they all said, “It was Hisaruki.” Of course, there was no kid named Hisaruki.

16. Mizuki Shigeru is the scariest!



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