What Horror Game Settings Are Terrifying?

8: I only really know FNAF, but it’s so creepy that just thinking about it freaks me out.

9: The woman in red doesn’t go after the protagonist but you.

10: >>9 That’s seriously terrifying.

12: The story of Star Fox’s legs is far more chilling than any horror game.

13: >>12 What the hell is that?

18: >>12 To deal with the G-forces didn’t they cut off their own legs?

21: >>18 Jesus.

19: It’s scary, but I really like the premise behind Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2.

22: >>19 Everything about Silent Hill 2’s premise is superb.

29: There’s a game where you have to go save the princess, but in reality the princess is trying to escape from the protagonist, and the enemies and traps along the way are trying to help her escape.

35: >>29 I think that’s braid.

33: The main character of Siren has to defeat all the monsters, but then they also have to defeat all the monsters in a parallel world, so it never ends. And they’re immortal as well so it just goes on forever.

47: >>33 SDK is like the birth of a dark hero. If I had to say, I’d say he’s rather cool.

58: >>33 Isn’t SDK immortal but he still ages?

63: >>58 Really? So physically and mentally he isn’t fixed (doesn’t change)? That would be a lot more hellish.

59: I like that in Siren they’re attacking you to show you they happy world that they’re seeing. Plus the fact that if you drink the water you’re out, that feeling of hopelessness is great.

62: >>59 If that red rain gets into a scratch then you’re also out.

36: I prefer non-horror games where the hidden premise is really scary.

37: >>36 Such as?

40: >>36 Yeah, I think those are creepy so I prefer them too.

45: >>40 I wonder why Power Pros always have such scary, mysterious circumstances?

38: Did you really eat it?

46: Games that don’t have anything to do after you finish the game are horrifying.

54: >>46 You mean Ocarina of Time?

57: >>54 Nah, he’s gotta mean Majora’s Mask.

52: I think weird and mysterious things like Giygas is scarier than anything more polished.

53: >>52 Totally. Pokey is scary too.

65: Think up something scary, guys.

68: When I think about the characters in Metal Gear Survive not getting sucked into a parallel universe but rather dying on mother base and seeking out war even in the afterlife, that freaks me out.

69: There’s a game where the protagonist goes out to clean up these creatures that suddenly appeared and then when they get home, the protagonist is already there. In the end you suddenly switch with your actual self, and the character you were controlling all that time becomes the final boss. It’s a foreign game but I can’t remember the name.

74: >>69 Sounds like r-type.

73: In Resident Evil, SCP Foundation, etc, in these abandoned buildings you find regular diaries that slowly become more disturbing as time goes on from regular people just before they die. Hearing all about what happened on that spot, when you think about it, it’s terrifying.

87: Parasite Eve from Square was pretty scary. In seeking out eternal life, the creatures volunteered to become test subjects themselves.

111: Thinking about Megami Tensei now, the story is incredible. It’s strange how it changed course and morphed into a moe game like Persona.



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