The Strange Points of Japan’s Big Three Yurei

They’re all young girls, they only come out at night…

1: What else?

2: They only have black hair.

3: They come out of the TV.

4: They fly.

7: They wear white clothes.

10: They have no legs.

11: None of them wear glasses.

13: None of them are ugly.

15: There are old grannies, aren’t there?

17: There aren’t any naked ghosts, are there?

19: Even if you see them overseas, they’re Japanese.

21: I reckon there could be friendly ghosts, but why do they frighten humans?

28: >>21 The fear energy is something something.

29: >>21 I’m just trying to chat but they’re the ones getting all scared.

34: >>21 The conditions for becoming a ghost probably exclude bright characters.

49: >>21 They get big money for scaring people.

52: >>21 Being a ghost is also a business you know.

57: >>21 If you’re friends with someone and they go, “Actually, I’m a ghost,” and then disappear it would be terrifying.

110: >>57 I feel like there would be books out there where that happens.

181: >>110 It happens in Gag Manga Biyori.

182: >>181 For a gag manga artist to think about horror as well is amazing.

22: Their clothes and shoes become ghostly as well. You don’t see any wearing printed T-shirts or sweat pants. They’re always either fallen warriors, kids, or girls.

23: They’re physically strong.

25: Everyone’s forgetting why there are so many female ghosts. There’s a reason for that.

31: >>25 Because all the male ghosts would got to the ladies hot springs.

162: >>31 I see.

30: None of them wear glasses.

37: >>30 That is odd. If you die, does your eyesight return to normal?

104: >>37 There are ghosts that don’t wear glasses, but the common opinion is that if people see them they think, “They’re wearing glasses, so they must be human,” and don’t realise they’re a ghost.

33: You can’t see them unless you try hard.

35: You can’t see them unless you’re mentally exhausted.

36: Where does the original idea come from that they don’t have feet?

44: >>36 Apparently an artist in the Edo Period forgot to paint the ghost’s feet.

60: >>44 Why do their hands bend?

Like this.

63: >>60 Their wrists are broken.

89: >>60 Probably influenced by Kyonshi (Chinese vampires).

105: >>60 It’s rigor mortis.

41: For some reason they like tunnels and abandoned buildings.

47: You can’t capture them with digital cameras.

50: Ghosts can hit and slash, but if we try to attack them, we can’t touch them. It’s strange, right?

53: >>50 They’re using cheat codes.

62: >>50 If a ghost killed me and then I became a ghost, I’d fuck their shit up.

51: They’re normally naked, right, or are their clothes ghostly as well?

55: I wonder if they get sick of being in the same place every day?

58: They’re all shy, so they hide in the corners of photos. They should proudly stand in the middle.

64: I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in poltergeists.

68: Don’t you think there are too few ghosts in Tokyo? In the 20th century alone I reckon several tens of thousands of people have died.

74: >>68 Because they’ve all moved on…

70: Not that long ago one of my bikie friends who died clearly appeared on the edge of our group photo hugging our shoulders, I laughed.

72: For some reason they’re only people with lingering attachments.

81: Just crossing paths with one sees you get cursed. It’s unreasonable.

83: Are there any smart people like scholars or famous people that actually believe in ghosts?

86: They wear a triangle cloth on their head.
They’re white.
They’re wet.
They wear white clothes.

137: Foreign ghosts: “…KILL.”
Japanese ghosts: “Boo!!”
I wonder why.

180: For real, if I ever became a ghost, I’d be too scared to hang out in abandoned buildings and toilets.

100: Well, in the end, living humans are actually the scariest thing of all.



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  • December 28, 2019 at 6:50 am

    What do you guys think? What characteristics mark a Japanese ghost?


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