Author: Ukari

To say here is far, and to call yonder nearby. Stories on the edge of the every day, strange tales you may or may not be moved by. Strange, curious, fantastic stories told by me, you, him and her. There are many stories but they’re all concluded within a single page, each story around 200 to 1200 characters in length, a short story collection you can easily read. Please enjoy them. Updated every Saturday at 6pm.


‘Man it’s hot,’ I thought and looked up at the sky. It was a fine summer’s day. As I wiped my sweat with my handkerchief, I noticed something odd out the corner of my eye. When I looked again, I saw something dark brown dangling from the fourth or fifth floor of the apartment building.

It looked like a futon, but it wasn’t. It was hairier and fluffier. There were no words for it. It covered the entire veranda of one room, and even though there was no wind, it wriggled and swayed.

As I watched it, it seemed to realise and then disappeared into the room. Nobody appeared on the veranda, so it seemed to return to the room of its own accord. Then the words “a tanuki’s massive balls” suddenly popped into my head…


Original Japanese

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