If You Look In The Mirror And Say “Who Are You?” Constantly You’ll Go Nuts

1: There’s no way that could really happen just by doing that. If you know of any other things, let me know!

2: If you stare at someone’s eyes for 10 minute straight, you’ll hallucinate.

5: >>2 Can I stare at my own eyes?

18: >>5 Why not?

19: >>18 I’m gonna try it now.

3: Hitori kakurenbo.

11: >>3 That’s not something you should do.

4: If you close your eyes in the bath and relax, you’ll die.

6: Square.

9: >>6 Explain.

22: >>9 It’s the thing where four people stand in the corners of a room and go around and around.

25: >>22 And then at the end there’s an extra person, right?

7: I kept asking my favourite 2D character questions -> At some point we started talking -> she materialised -> I completed a tulpa.

9: >>7 Finally I can get married, thanks!

10: Otsukaresamadeshita.

12: Fill a bucket to the brim with water and then transfer it to another bucket over and over.

14: >>12 That’ll drive you mad?

24: >>14 Doing something without meaning or purpose over and over, day in, day out… It’s a punishment they make prisoners do.

16: Keep a detailed dream diary. It’s unexpectedly mentally taxing.

17: >>16 I dream a lot, sounds interesting.

58: >>16 The reason it’s dangerous is because you’re creating a habit of remembering your dreams. Because you’re focusing on your dream while asleep it doesn’t give your brain any time to rest.

54: That thing where you look at your own eyes is torture.

57: >>54 40 seconds is rough, but if you go for 10 minutes then I reckon you’ll start seeing things.

61: It’s like someone is behind you in the mirror. You’re better off not doing it.

76: I tried doing it looking through the iPad but I got scared, lol. I was the only thing reflected in it but it soon felt like I wasn’t alone.

84: First it felt like my face went black and then I was gripped with fear.

100: Those people who make tulpas are dangerous.

103: You can’t make one unless you’re mentally ill.

149: Has anyone ever heard of ASMR videos on YouTube? You can feel good just by listening.

151: >>149 Hang on, lol, you’re being brainwashed.

304: I stood in front of the mirror and said, “Who are you?” Seemed like a good time to try various things. I figured I could practice speaking like a cool guy, so I even tried “who are you?” in English.

307: >>304 For a while I tried telling myself, “You’ll be rich,” and “You’re smart.”



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