I Spent 15 Years In A Dreamworld

1: This is reality, right? Seriously, feels like I’m gonna go nuts, but I’ve calmed down a bit.

2: If it was a lucid dream, tell us how to do it.

5: >>2 It wasn’t that. Seriously, about 15 years passed like normal. Well more correctly, 14.

3: Did you come from another world? A parallel world or something?

5: >>3 I just went to sleep.

6: >>5 Maybe you’re the only one who thinks that…? It’s not normal for 14 years to pass.

10: >>6 I mean, I have 14 years worth of memories. Thinking about it closely, there was an American War, it’s strange, right?

7: Can you even move?

10: >>7 It was 14 years in the dream. It was only one night for my real body. This happened about a week ago but I have no idea.

12: What you think is reality now might just be a dream.

13: >>12 The fact that’s a possibility scares me. But somehow I knew this was reality when I woke up. But it’s driving me mad thinking I might wake up in another reality.

14: Maybe that’s your real world? This side is just a dream.

16: >>14 When I woke up and calmed down I realised it was a dream. No, maybe it wasn’t a dream… It was like I spent 14 years in a strange space or world. Well, time feels like it goes faster after turning 30 anyway.

18: So then you saw up until 2027?

20: >>18 That’s right. 2028 maybe. My memories are a bit vague.

21: Tell us about the future.

30: >>21 TV and PC monitors in 2028 were really long, like one metre long. There were also these TVs were 3D images rise up called Enshaa. Tyres also disappeared from cars around 2020.

It’s all just a story my head made up anyway.

25: What was your mental state when you woke up?

32: >>25 The moment I woke up I realised it was all a dream. But I feel like I might be going crazy. Things have been going better at work too.

34: Fascinating. Anything else? Try to remember.

36: >>34 Anything else… Personally, moving to Tokyo in my mid 20s from the countryside was fun. This moe anime by the name of Meishingu was really popular, I loved it as well.

37: Sorry for asking so many questions, but were your acquaintances in the dream the same as here? And your parents, close friends, your crush, etc.

39: >>37 My parents and siblings were the same. I got my first girlfriend around 22 or 23 and I loved her a lot. She probably doesn’t even exist. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

40: It would be funny if you were seeing the future.

47: >>40 I don’t think I was. I just know that it was a dream somehow. It didn’t feel like one though. It’s a contradiction.

42: Being able to experience another life is huge. What about Chinese and Korean relations, or consumption tax? Do smart phones change?

47: >>42 I dunno anything about Chinese and Korean relations. The consumption tax remained at 10% the whole time. As for smart phones, they’re like glasses with screens that everyone wears. Smart phones disappeared around the time I graduated university and everyone started wearing glasses phones.

43: There was a war?

51: >>43 America and Russia went to war. I don’t know why.

48: What work did you do there? You’ve got the know-how now, so you can try again here.

60: >>48 I was a composer. I made songs for commercials and such. I looked for the last company I wrote a song for but they don’t exist. It was all in my head.

54: When I think about that place I want to cry. I was getting along with a girl I really liked, and now I’ll never see her again. I want to go back.

62: I don’t care if it’s a dream, I want to go back. I’ve gone to sleep numerous times since then but it’s always normal. I won’t ever be able to go back, will I?

69: Apparently it’s dangerous to have such a long, continuous dream. It places a huge burden on the brain.

73: Did you see the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in your dream?

83: >>73 I don’t know if they took place in 2020, but they did happen. I’m not very interested in the Olympics so my memories of it are vague.

76: Is Meishingu English? What language is it, what does it mean? Becoming a composer after school sounds just like Hyadain. What path did you follow in the dream?

83: >>76 Meishingu is about a girl named Saitsuka Akiko who battles in an electronic world. I think there were about 10 episodes? It was really popular!

To become a composer, I just sent a tape in, won an award, and from that I slowly started getting work. At first I made songs for singers, but they didn’t sell very well so I didn’t get much work. I was only just recently improving again.

93: Wake up!

98: Huh. That means my older brother is still alive. I just realised.

101: Did you feel any pain?

105: >>101 It was the same as when I’m awake. Although they were just memories.

But just realising that my brother is still alive has given me up. I’m bawling my eyes out right now.

130: You can feel pain in dreams too, right? If you bleed, you can feel the blood’s warmth.

133: The brain is amazing, huh.

107: I also passed 20 years. In the game world.



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