Teacher’s Ghost

By Nakamura Hiroshi

(From Cho-Kowai! Gakkou no Kaidan on Nintendo DS)

Spring vacation ended and a new term was beginning. The outside walls of the school, along with the halls and classrooms, had been given a shiny new coat of paint.

“Wow, it’s so nice, it’s like a new school, I love it!”

“Yeah, apparently we’re getting a new teacher as well.”

The children were very excited. They were about to enter the rainy season, and gloomy weather persisted day after day.

“Huh? Miss, that white wall over there, there’s something black on it.”

“Oh, so there is. Maybe it’s mold. I’ll bring some cleaner tomorrow and try to get it off.”

The next day, the teacher tried wiping the black spot off. But, no matter what she did, it wouldn’t come off. On the contrary, that thing that looked like a stain was getting even bigger.

“It’s kinda dirty, huh? I’ll ask them to paint over it again,” she said. She put in a request, and the usually ambivalent principal quickly went to see the janitor. The wall was immediately painted white again.

The children noticed it the next morning as they arrived at school.

“Ah, it’s been painted.”

“Yeah, it has. It’s like a new classroom.”

“It’s not dry yet, so don’t touch it. We don’t want it to mess up again.”

After that, three months passed. It was September. The second term was starting. You might call it the long rainy spell of autumn, but one unsettled morning…

“It’s awful! It’s awful!” The children went running to the teacher’s room. “When we went into the classroom this morning, the black spot was back in the same area as before!”

“It looks like somebody’s shadow!”

“Miss, maybe it’s a girl?

It looks like it might be bleeding as well.”

When the teachers and principal heard of this, they ran to the classroom. The moment they looked at the wall, they screamed.

It was just like the children said.

The janitor brought some paint and quickly painted over the top of the black spot. It was like new again. But, just what was that spot?

The old janitor, who had been at the school for a long time, told them the following story.

“It must have been more than thirty years ago. There was a young female teacher. The school was still made of wood and different to the current one, but the room that we just painted was her classroom. Next to that was the science and preparation rooms.

When they had meetings amongst the same grade, they had to pass the west entrance if they wanted to speak to the teachers from the other classes.

She was a very dedicated teacher, and she would sit in the classroom late into the night researching and preparing for the next day.

On this day, she was again in the class late at night with the lights on. At the time, there was a person on night duty. It was rather late, so he approached the teacher and said,

“Ma’am, the trains to get home are going to stop soon.”

When he opened the door, he was shocked. At the time I lived in the school grounds, and he rushed to get me. When I went, the classroom was covered in blood, and the teacher was on the ground.

She was ill. She had thrown up blood, and looking for help, she must have walked the wall, leaving it covered in blood.

The teacher was hospitalised, and a short while later, she died. They cleaned the classroom like new, but they didn’t use it again.

After that, the wooden school was quickly knocked down, and the current steel one was built.

That black shadow, I can’t help but think that it looks like that teacher…

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