New Ju-on Series Coming to Netflix!

On June 25, Netflix Japan announced that a new Ju-on series is coming. According to the Netflix page, “The J-horror classic franchise “Ju-On” was actually based on real events that occurred over four decades — and the truth is even more terrifying.”

Now, if you’re like me, the mere mention of “based on real events” is usually enough to make you cringe in real horror (lest we all forget the Fatal Frame fiasco…), but I can only assume they’re referring to the infamous Yellow House (which you can read more about in Reikan), which was a real life house in Aichi Prefecture where, supposedly, family after family went nuts after living in it. People have referred to the Yellow House as the real-life Ju-on house, although the only things they really seem to share in common are the stories of people going crazy and potentially murderous after stepping foot inside.

There doesn’t seem to be an solid information on what this Netflix show is about yet, just news that it exists and that it’s coming. If it’s something that’s actually based on the Yellow House, then I’m very interested. If it’s just more Grudge but lower budget and on Netflix, I’m far less interested. It’s not coming until next year in any case, so we’ll have to keep waiting for more information. Until then, you can always check out Reikan for some “actual” “real-life” “haunted” locations around Japan. Phew, all those finger quotes…

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