Top 10 Words from School that Inspire Fear

School, for most of us, was an awkward and, at times, terrifying experience. I spent close to 10 years working in Japanese schools, so I got to learn very well how things operated and how the kids felt about their seemingly endless lessons and study. Goo did a ranking of the top ten words that inspired fear in people from their school days, so let’s take a look:

10. Checking personal belongings [760 votes]
9. Ending relationships [831 votes]
8. Parent/child meetings with teachers [877 votes]
7. Broken heart [878 votes]
6. Mock exams [1134 votes]
5. Acne [1180 votes]
4. Athletic ability test [1273 votes]
3. Extra exams [1378 votes]
2. Weight and height measurements [1393 votes]
1. Failing mark on tests [4134 votes]

Having being at schools when weight and height measurements were taken, I can understand that ranking so highly. It wasn’t uncommon to see girls especially running around and trying to sweat off any weight they could, as though it would make some difference. I think most of these fears are pretty common worldwide, and for me, probably number two was my biggest fear as well. How about you guys? Or are you trying to no longer remember your school days? 😉



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