Top 10 Scariest 2chan Creepypastas

There are thousands upon thousands of creepypastas shared on 2chan every year. Considering the boards first opened in 1999, that’s a lot of Japanese creepypastas out there. We only have so much free time, so how do you know which stories to read first? How do you find the best of the best? One of the most common ways these stories are shared, other than word of mouth, is online rankings! Here is one such list, showing off some of the stories that Japanese audiences find to be the scariest and best.

10. Jashi (Kowabana: Origins)
A teenage boy goes to stay with his uncle in the mountains for a brief holiday, but there’s something out there, watching them.

9. Kinkisaki —Pandora— (Kowabana: Origins)
A group of kids are told not to go into an old, abandoned house. What do they do? Go inside, of course. Turns out that old house was abandoned for a reason, and a horrific ritual that took place long ago is coming back to haunt the present.

8. Hasshaku-sama (Link)
The eight-foot-tall woman, who at this point should need no introduction. Once she’s set her sights on you, it’s all over.

7. Resort Job (Kowabana: Origins)
A group of university students plan to spend their summer by the beach and work a part-time job at a nearby ryokan to help pay their way. But there’s something off about the ryokan, something dark that should remain hidden. As we all know, things that should remain hidden always find a way to the surface, and none of their lives will be the same again.

6. It’s Coming (Not Yet Translated)
A man enjoys surveying his neighbour through binoculars at night, until one night he spots something he shouldn’t, and now it’s coming for him.

5. Basement of the Abandoned Hospital (Not Yet Translated)
A group of three university friends head into an abandoned hospital for a bit of exploring and fun. They head down into the basement where their fun is about to end…

4. Big Head O (Kowabana: Origins)
A man goes for a drive to a village he once holiday in, only when he gets there, nothing is as he remembers, and the people aren’t quite… normal.

3. Kotoribako (Link)
A box that holds a curse so strong that it affects all who come into contact with it. Women and children are the worst affected, but it turns out the history behind the making of the boxes, because there are more than one, is even more horrific. Worse, there could still be more out there.

2. Round Hole in the Basement (Link)
A religious organisation moves into a dying village, buying a large lot of land to build their new establishment. A bunch of high school kids break in and discover a hole that leads underground. But what’s down there, and why have they seemingly been led there? Their lives are about to change forever.

1. Real (Kowabana: Origins)
A young man goes through with a small ritual as a joke, but it accidentally works and he finds himself haunted by a ghost he can’t get rid of. He goes through numerous trials and tribulations to rid himself of this curse, but nothing seems to work. And that’s not even the most shocking part of this story… Stick around till the end. You don’t want to miss this one.

There’s a lot of great stories here, and I’m always happy to see Kotoribako in any list. I wouldn’t list Real as my personal favourite, but it does stick with you and has a pretty shocking ending if you don’t know what’s coming.

But how about you guys? What’s your favourite creepypasta? What stories would you list at the top? There’s a lot of big stories missing from this list, not to mention all the smaller sleeper classics. Let me know in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “Top 10 Scariest 2chan Creepypastas

  • May 20, 2019 at 2:25 am

    Waiting for number 6,5,and 2

  • May 24, 2019 at 4:22 am

    6 summary send chill through my spine… so I can just imagine how the real creepypasta is.


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