Toshiden Vol. 2 now out and Vol. 1 on sale for 99 cents!

You requested it, and now it’s here! Toshiden: Exploring Japanese Urban Legends Vol. 2 brings you over 70 brand new urban legends straight out of Japan, many translated into English for the very first time! Uncover terrifying supernatural tales, horrifying medical mishaps, dark secrets from the entertainment industry, shadows that lurk in the corners of supposedly normal society, and more! As you have come to expect from the first volume, these legends all feature investigations into the truth behind the tales, how they came to be, and regional variations as well! But don’t take my word for you, go check it out for yourself!

US store | UK store


To celebrate, you can also grab Toshiden Vol. 1 in the US and UK stores for just 99 cents until May 17, as well as Reikan: The most haunted locations in Japan and Kowabana: Origins. Don’t miss out!

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