Top 10 Dangerous Haunted Locations in Japan

Japan is full of haunted locations. If you’re passing through a tunnel, a mountain, something old, something abandoned, chances are there are ghost stories about it. Here are 10 of the most dangerous haunted locations around Japan. Be careful if you ever visit them. You might not return the same person you went in…

10. Tokyo Bay Kannon

The terrifying large statue of Kannon that was erected off the coast of Tokyo Bay in 1961 is also thought to be one of the most dangerous haunted locations in Japan. Why? Inside the statue is a spiral staircase which would lead you to an outside viewing area by the statue’s chest. Several people jumped to their deaths from there, and so an outside cage was installed in March 2018 to keep people from jumping.

9. Nijinoo Bridge

Nijinoo Bridge is also featured in Reikan: The most haunted locations in Japan, but this bridge in Kanagawa Prefecture is considered somewhat of a magnet for people looking to commit suicide.

8. Akedoushi Tunnel

This tunnel became famous because of the severed dead bodies found of a young woman and boy there long ago. There are no lights inside and it’s only wide enough for one car to pass through at a time, making it a rather chilling tunnel all on its own.

7. Sendagaya Tunnel

Built in 1964 to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics, this tunnel supposedly has bad Feng Shui which attracts ghosts and other sorts of bad energy to it.

6. Hachioji Castle

Possessed by the Hojo clan during the Sengoku Period, many lost their lives at Hachioji Castle when it finally fell, making it one of the most dangerous ghost spots in Tokyo thanks to all the angry dead samurai running around.

5. Old Inunaki Tunnel

One of the infamous haunted locations in all of Japan. The tunnel is sealed off at present, but in the past a young man was lynched and murdered at the tunnel in a horrific crime which left the area imprinted in the minds of the public forever.

4. Sandanbeki

Located in Wakayama Prefecture, this 60 metre high gorgeous cliffs also harbour a deep secret; people like to kill themselves there. Billboards remind people that life is precious and to get help before considering anything rash, and people often return home to find they’ve captured ghostly images in their photos.

3. Old Zenba Tunnel

In 1965, a young man died in a bike accident at Old Zenba Tunnel, and ever since the area has been a hot spot of horrific accidents. A board was erected near the tunnel that said “Mou shinanai de Junichi” (Don’t die anymore Junichi), which soon gave birth to an urban legend that those who died there were all males by the name of Junichi.

2. Jomon Tunnel

Potentially the most famous tunnel in all of Japan, this tunnel was discovered to have hitobashira, or human pillars, buried within its walls during construction. These sacrifices were supposed to bring about the safety of the project at hand, but when you think about the number of people travelling past these literal skeletons buried in the walls… If that’s not creepy, I don’t know what is.

1. Memorial Forest

On July 30, 1971, a passenger plane collided with a Japanese self-defence force jet, killing everybody on board. The majority of the bodies landed here, in what is now called the Memorial Forest in Iwate Prefecture. Literal pieces of bodies rained down on the area, and many others exploded on impact. Others were skewered on trees. The recovery efforts were gruesome and horrifying.



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