Top 10 Scariest Horror Video Games For the Japanese

Video games consume roughly 99% of my waking hours. Often my sleeping hours too. I love video games; I’ve been playing them since I can remember, and horror is one of my favourite genres. So you better believe that when I found this list of what video games Japanese players find the scariest that I would be all over it. I present to you the scariest horror games as chosen by Japanese players:

10. Ju-on (Wii) [56 votes]
9. Otogirisou [70 votes]
8. Kamaitachi no Yoru series [102 votes]
7. Fatal Frame series [114 votes]
6. Ao Oni series [128 votes]
5. Higurashi no Naku koro ni series [245 votes]
4. Outlast series [603 votes]
3. Siren series [653 votes]
2. Silent Hill series [684 votes]
1. Resident Evil series [691 votes]

Resident Evil is one of my all-time favourite franchises, so it makes me happy to see it there at number one, but Fatal Frame coming in at seventh feels bad man. How about you guys? Any surprises? How does it compare to your list of scariest horror games? Let me know!



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