Red crayon

I heard this story from my friend who works in real estate.

He was in charge of the empty apartments of a particular building, but there was one apartment that was different to the others.

One day, he realised that the hallway was a metre shorter than the rest. He thought that perhaps that was the reason why this apartment always felt so strange compared to the others. But he started to wonder why the hallway was shorter and tapped on the wall at the end. It felt like there was an open space behind it. Sensing something was wrong, he got permission from the branch manager and, together with the building manager, knocked the wall down.

“It would have been better if we’d found a skeleton there…” he said.

But in reality, they found the walls covered in red crayon.

Mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother, mother…

They were unable to erase the words written on the wall in red crayon, and in the end, they put the wall back up and my friend left the management of the building to a junior colleague.


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