Old Komine Tunnel

Location: Akikawa Highway, Kamikawa-machi, Hajiouji, Tokyo

Miyazaki Tsutomu, a serial killer, murdered a young girl at Old Komine Tunnel. Ever since then, there have been reports of sightings of the young girl’s ghost in the area, and it has become one of the most famous and credible ghost spots in Tokyo.

Miyazaki Tsutomu was a troubled young man, and from 1988 to 1989 he abducted and murdered four young girls before he was finally arrested. The incidents were so horrific and perverse that they sent shock waves throughout Japan, and in 2008 Miyazaki was executed for his crimes. Old Komine Tunnel is said to be the location where he murdered one of the girls, and to this day people still claim they’ve seen her ghost haunting the area.

The corpse of one of the girls, only seven years old, was found in the Komine Ridge, abandoned for close to a year. Miyazaki cut off her hands and feet, and rumours of the ghost girl with no hands persist even now.

In 2002 the New Komine Tunnel was finished, putting the old tunnel out of action. The old tunnel is now used as a walkway and has fallen into ruin.

One person posted about his experience at the old tunnel:

The heat was beginning to fade, and as the sun went down, you could hear the sound of insects. It happened right about this time as we were heading into autumn.

I was cycling by Komine Ridge, which leads to the Old Komine Tunnel. I took a different path to usual along the Akikawa Highway and arrived somewhere unexpected. I looked it up later and when I discovered it was the location of the 1988 serial little girl murders, a chill ran up my spine.

Even in 1988 the newspapers spoke of witnesses to the ghost of a little girl, missing both her hands. One of the victims of the serial little girl murders was also missing both her hands.

I wasn’t heading for any particular destination, so when I passed through the tunnel I picked somewhere to sit down for a rest. I starting thinking about going back home. But as soon as I entered the tunnel I felt something cold and wet grab my ankle. I froze and looked down, but nothing was there.

Old Komine Tunnel is an old tunnel, so the walls are stained with water. I thought it was just the wind, but then I felt the chill again near my hips.

I didn’t know what was going on, but I was overcome with this feeling that I needed to get away, so I quickly ran back out. My right thigh felt frozen, but I just looked forward and made my way back to the path. I ran back to a populated area and checked there was nothing wrong with my leg. Finally, I could breathe.

At first I thought I found a nice road that cars couldn’t pass through, but after the events that happened at Old Komine Tunnel, it’s not a road I want to use anymore.


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