Kisaragi Station Part 2

After the original poster of the Kisaragi Station thread disappeared, several others came forward stating they had also found the eponymous station. The following poster tweeted their experience from their Twitter in real time rather than posting it on 2chan. The username was @__Byakuran__.

…huh? Did I get on the wrong train?

Shit, I was playing with my phone but when I looked up, everyone was gone.

Looked like that was the final stop, so I got off. Seems I really did take the wrong train?

Lol, no way, the station is pitch black.

Hmm? Wasn’t it just eight o’clock? Shiiiiit… it’s 11 pm? Just how addicted am I to my phone…

Where the hell is Kisaragi Station? Loooooooool.

The announcement was a female voice all this time, but then I heard a male voice saying “The next station is Kisaragi.” When I looked up, here I was.

Uhh? Both the station clock and my phone say 11 pm.

@AkatsukiYume (the poster’s girlfriend)
It’s only 8 pm. What are you saying?

N-n-n-n-no-one’s here and the ticket gate doesn’t open. What the hell is this?

While I’m at it, there’s no station sign, so I don’t know whether this place is really called Kisaragi or not. I was spacing out and they said it was the last stop so I panicked and got off.

It’s weird that no-one’s here. Maybe I should just jump over the ticket gate, I mean, no-one’s watching, right?

Calm down. Are you really at Kisaragi Station…?

I have no idea. I think so, but I can’t say for certain. Like, there’s no… sign or anything.

Can you see this link?

I had a quick look, but I got on at Odakyu, and we’ve gone past the last stop.

Please calm down. I’m gonna look up Kisaragi Station. If it really is true, then this is important. I’m not gonna let you disappear before we’ve even had lunch together.

To say such a thing when I’m feeling so hopeless, it brings a tear to my eye…

I tried to take a photo, but it’s telling me I don’t have enough memory and shut down… It was working fine today, and even after deleting some photos it’s still not working…

Don’t worry. Is your battery okay?

I have a charger and backup battery.

I went back and read that story before. I can’t stop crying, what is this?

I can hear what sounds like bells, but it’s difficult to tell where it’s coming from… It could be people… aaaahhhhhh I don’t want to leave anymore, well, I mean, I can’t leave, anyway.

Huh? The station is abandoned? It’s an abandoned station? What the hell is this? Why aren’t there any people why isn’t the ticket gate turned on what should I do I don’t know.

Can’t you use your GPS?

Hang on loooooooool the GPS won’t work loooooooooooool quit screwing around looooooooooool someone please help me.

I’m waiting on the bench but no trains are coming.

There’s a timetable or something but it’s so faded I can’t read it.

The paper’s all torn and ragged, ugh, I shouldn’t have looked at it.

Ooh I found a vending machine.

The address has been scraped off, are you fucking serious? I’m gonna kill someone.

I tried calling someone, but the phone was busy, what is this? Have they set their phone to refuse my calls??? Looooool I’m all alone, do you really hate me this much?

I don’t follow you, sorry, but to the best of my knowledge, “Kisaragi Station” sits on the border of our world and the next. If you follow the tracks, you’ll come across a certain tunnel called “Katasu” which leads to the other world (you mustn’t go in). I heard this from one of my followers, but apparently if you set some paper on fire you’ll be able to return. Do you have a lighter?

Is there a chimney? Anything nearby you can burn?

I don’t have a lighter.

I’m thirsty… I’m gonna go back to the vending machine.

You should try not to eat or drink anything from there.

Oh… yeah… I saw something like that in a horror game I was playing not that long ago. You couldn’t consume anything from that place you were in.

Where are you now? The platform? It doesn’t matter what, but is there any graffiti around?

I’m on the platform. I’ll go have a look.

Graffiti… it looks like there’s something scratched here beside the timetable.

It’s Japanese, but it’s not Japanese. It’s creeping me out, I don’t want to look at it anymore.

The surroundings? All around me… it’s black. The ticket gate is turned off and there’s no-one around so I’m thinking about jumping over.

If a train comes while I’m walking along the tracks it’ll be dangerous, so I’m not gonna do that… not that there have been any trains anyway…

You probably shouldn’t walk along the tracks. I can’t say anything with certainty, but if you come across a tunnel, I don’t think you should enter it.

This isn’t a joke, it seems to be real… Whatever you do, if you see a tunnel with “Katasu” written on it, don’t go through it. You won’t be able to come back.

You shouldn’t go through the tunnel…! You won’t be able to come back… If you’re really at Kisaragi Station, do you have any paper or something? Take heart!

Oi! Kisaragi Station was just a joke!! Hooray!! So where the hell am I…?

Shit… I’m tired…

I wouldn’t recommend going to sleep.

Oh come on… I can’t go over the ticket gates… I’m gonna have to crawl under…

You mustn’t leave the station!

I’m getting so many notifications that I can’t use my phone anymore, so please refrain for a bit, please…

I mean, could someone just tell me what the hell I’m supposed to do?

I was dozing off on the bench when I felt like I was being surrounded by people. I panicked and woke up, but no-one was here.

The lights at the station are on, but it’s dark. There’s a small light above me. It’s round.

Everyone’s telling me to get out, then not to get out, to sing, then not to sing…

Once it gets bright, you should be able to see your surroundings, so I think it would be better if you didn’t move around too much.

Shit, I don’t even know my own name anymore.

You just tweeted that you’d forgotten your own name, so I think you should put all your personal information in your phone memory while you still can! You won’t be able to come back again!

Hello, nice to meet you. Please calm down. If that’s true, please try your best to remember your name. You mustn’t forget it, or you won’t be able to come back.

So, by the way, it’s past 12 am now.

It’s just past 10 pm. Your clock is wrong. Please be careful of the battery on your electronic devices. If you can, turn all notifications off and try your best to keep from using it excessively.

Right now it’s 10 pm in Japan. Sorry, I’m also don’t follow you on Twitter. You can’t get in any vehicles (taxis or trains). If you really get in trouble, you can apparently escape if you light up some tobacco or something with smoke you can escape. Seriously.

My phone suddenly died, and I thought I would too.

Even thought I turned the notifications off, I’m still getting them.

Oh, I got a DM from Mei.

Why won’t the notifications stop? Did someone reveal my personal address? Ugh…

Mei told me my name and address. It all feels so impersonal. Man, I’m tired.

But, things haven’t been going so well for me lately anyway, maybe I’d be happier if I disappeared.

Don’t die, you idiot. Anyway, everyone’s telling you to light some smoke, so do it.

How am I supposed to do that?

Everything’s getting hazy…

No, you must stay awake. Is there nothing you can light on fire? And don’t go near that tunnel, or get in any stranger’s cars.

Shit, you guys look at my log and ask me some questions.

The notifications stopped!

Man, I finally got through to the most important person in my life… and they didn’t pick up, lol.

Sleepy… I can’t… I can’t… sorry, thanks everyone.

Like I said!!!!!!! No matter who I call I can’t get through!!!!!! The GPS doesn’t work!!!! God damn puppy, shut up!!!!!

I’m so tired…

But like, I’m not bitching about my phone telling me I don’t have enough memory to take photos and forcibly closing #asibitch

Hey hey hey, so I got a call back from that important person I mentioned before, but when I answered it was silent.

They said I could sleep so I’m gonna go to sleep now.

I just remembered, the last email I sent that person was just full of crap. If I’d have known this was gonna happen, I would have sent something more serious.

I tried calling you and you hung up!!! Asshole, do you wanna get hit or would you rather die???

No, I answered but then it was silent. Stop trying to scare me.

Every phone call is silence.

Seriously, I’m going back I wanna go home I’m tired.

…uh wasn’t it 12 am quite a while ago? The clock has stopped at 12.07 am.

It’s 11.36 pm here.

When you tweeted that it was 12 am that was an hour earlier than it was here. You’re still on the platform and haven’t left the station, right? Is there something nearby that might give you any clue as to what’s going on? Like, the age of the buildings, or an advertisement or something…?

Where are the occult forums?

I’m seriously gonna sleep.

Those were his last words… #sleep

You shouldn’t do that!!!!

Don’t go to sleep!

Don’t go to sleep!


I got a call from Yume-chan and woke up.

And like, I’m in Odawara Station now.

I had a look at all my tweets just now. It wasn’t a dream…


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2 thoughts on “Kisaragi Station Part 2

  • June 17, 2018 at 8:21 am

    So kisaragi station is a portal to the next world? This is most likely fiction but I’m glad I finally found an update to this story! It’s stuck with me ever since I first heard it a year ago.

    • June 18, 2018 at 6:24 am

      That seems to be the consensus amongst Japanese readers, yeah. I wasn’t so sure what it was supposed to be at first, but from my research most Japanese readers appear to classify it as an “isekai” (another world/dimension) story.


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