How to open the demon’s gate

The demon’s gate faces the northeast, and in onmyodo it’s said to be the direction through which demons come and go.
For that reason it’s thought you should avoid anything from that direction, and even today this is still a deeply rooted ideology.
People are particularly conscious of this when constructing a house, and so if something such as the kitchen, bathroom or entranceway even slightly faces the northeast direction it’s said the family will be met with bad luck.

However, whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, but they say there’s a way to open this demon gate.

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How to open the demon gate
If you’re truly fed up with life please give it a try.

1. Take the Hibiya Line from Akihabara Station and get off at Kayabachou. Go to the platform heading towards Hacchoubori and underneath the iron bars there you’ll find salt placed on the ground. Scatter that salt with your feet.

2. Change trains to the Touzai Line and get off at Takadanobaba Station. Go to the platform heading towards the Seibushinjuku Line transfer and beneath the iron bars you’ll find salt placed on the ground. Scatter that salt with your feet.

3. Once again take the Touzai Line to Kayabachou Station and go through the ticket gate. Take exit 4a and go down the stairs. Scatter ten pieces of rice here.

4. Take the Hibiya Line from Kayabachou to Tsukiji Station and go to the platform heading towards Tsukijihonganji. Beneath the iron bars you’ll find salt placed on the ground. Scatter that salt with your feet.

5. Get back on the Hibiya Line, close your eyes and think about the one thing you want most. Clasp your hands together and continue to ride the train as so.

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The above way of opening the demon gate was written on the occult board of 2chan.
About a month after this was posted on July 10th, 2008 somebody posted in the same thread about how they tried this method.

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I was free after work so I figured I’d go and try it out.
And like, the salt was actually there so it freaked me the hell out. What the hell is that salt for? I really wanna know.

– – –

The following day there was a news report.

– – –

On the morning of the 11th in Tokyo, Meguro-ku, a young man was found dead from blood loss in the pool of a company president’s home.

The Metropolitan Police Department are investigating whether any foul play was involved in the incident.

At around 6.20pm on the morning of the 11th a woman living in the residence called the police to report a “young man bleeding from the head” inside the pool in Agariyama, Meguro-ku.

When the police arrived they found the man lying face down in the empty pool with just a white shirt on. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

The man was not a resident of the household so the police are working to verify his identity while they investigate the possibility that the incident was not an accident.

The scene took place in a peaceful, affluent neighbourhood roughly 500 metres from Nakameguro Station on the Toukyuutouyoko Line.

– – –

To die in some stranger’s empty pool is truly a strange way to die.
Just what exactly was he doing there?
Even more strangely the man died the very next day after reporting that he’d tried the test, and he was found near Nakameguro Station, which lies to the northeast of the aforementioned Akihabara Station.
Perhaps the man followed the information in the thread and really did open the demon’s gate…

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