I Picked Up A Strange Diary

1: It’s seriously creepy…

2: Is that so.

4: Do you just pick anything up?

5: Upload it.

20: It’s a diary written in what looks like a Japanese school notebook! Various pages have been ripped out so there aren’t many left.

25: A normal diary has been written in the notebook itself. It’s so long! But the contents are strange…

“July 2nd. It’s hot it’s hot, it’s hot it’s hot. Hey, HanaOO-chan (someone’s name? I’ve left a letter out just in case), please be my friend. Forever.”

“July 3rd. It’s cold it’s cold, it’s cold. I played with HanaOO-chan again today. I’m not alone, huh? Right? Yeah?”

“June 4th (for some reason it’s a date from the past). You haven’t forgotten, right? Time chases after me like sand in an hourglass. Strange, right?”

“June 33rd (?). Hey, HanaOO-chan, hey, HanaOO-chan. I became friends with a stranger today. We went to the park and I became a doll. Hey HanaOO-chan, where are you?”

It’s followed by several blank pages and then it says “Hey!!” in large letters on one.

I abbreviated it a little, but this is basically it. There are other strange things written in here too.

26: >>25 That… is awful…

27: It’s mine.

31: Scary scary, this is scary.

33: There was also a manuscript paper inside it that was all torn up. It says, “How fun life is! My wish came true at 2:25 p.m. today. I’m so glad I’m alive. I’ve been crying for a week… I wonder why? What is the meaning of life? It hurts so much… I’m so lonely and sad and I can’t stop crying I’m just a normal kid, you know.”

It’s something like that, I cut it down a fair bit. It’s full of mistakes.

There are two more torn out pages covered in disgusting purple letters.

34: >>1 No doubt about it, he opened the door to another world, right?

36: How scary.

40: Upload it!

43: I wanna know more about this disgusting stuff.

45: Maybe >>1 wrote it himself without realising it and that’s the punchline?

48: >>45 Don’t say such terrifying things!!

51: Just upload pictures of the diary already.

52: I’m taking pictures now so hold on.

55: I’m excited.

69: Do I have to upload these one by one?

80: >>69 Just do it. We’re waiting.


92: I’m kinda scared.

95: It’s eerie.

104: >>1 Where did you pick the diary up?

114: >>104 On an embankment! My little brother found it when we were out walking the dog. It was dirty so I told him to leave it alone, but when I saw what was inside it chilled me to the bone. He was scared and wouldn’t let go of it, so we ended up bringing it back.

108: Hmmmmm. >>1 picked this diary up, right? But that’s odd. I mean, the cover is so clean.

119: >>108 Is that so, Detective Conan? Nah, in reality it’s actually pretty dirty. The insides are all yellow too.

120: It seems pretty yellowed even from the picture. At any rate, I’ll give you that.

123: I really wanna know what this purple writing says, but I feel like if I read it, it’ll pass on to me.

…That’s the punchline I’m waiting for.

125: >>123 Hey, lolololol, that’s scary lolololololol.

128: The purple writing says something like “I’m sorry.” Just looking at it, there’s so much written here that copying it down makes me feel like I’m gonna pass out. I don’t really want to copy it all, but… To put it simply, it looks like a note left by a dead person… It has their memories and apologies to their mum, dad, older sister, older brother, friends, grandparents etc. It’s really strange.

141: The purple page was shoved into the notebook?

166: >>141 That’s right, it was stuffed inside it! The dates are also all over the place, including dates that don’t even exist…

132: You picked it up on an embankment, yeah? It was left by a dead person?

186: I think the pictures are just scribbles, but whatever. I’ll upload them, so hang on. My phone signal keeps cutting in and out though… I’m scared… Those on FOMA no doubt understand, yeah?

252: I think that picture of the bench is the scariest.

255: I can’t be the only one who’s actually terrified.

263: In the bench picture, that’s not fireworks but a river, right? Meaning that the person who owned the notebook killed themselves in a river nearby.

264: >>263 Which means 1 is going to die next. He’s cursed.

292: >>264 I think the scariest is the balloon. People say that the things we draw unconsciously show our state of ind, right? A bird is flying at the balloon to burst it. The see themselves as a balloon that has broken free of bondage, and the bird is coming in to burst it. It shows their intention to commit suicide.
>>1 is probably going to die.

290: They’re just scribbles, right? I feel like you’re all just making fun of me now!! You’re reading too much into it!! Loooool.


Seriously, my phone reception sucks.

312: Has another urban legend been born?

320: The longer I stare at the apple, the more it looks like a toothpick is stabbing the leaf.

347: My head hurts… my ears are ringing. And the TV has been making a sharp sound all this time. Is it a broadcast malfunction? Can anyone else hear it?

350: >>347~, you’re still alive? Lol.

It’s not uncommon for people to get possessed by something and then fall ill.

355: >>347 Ah, you’re in danger.

387: Shit, I’ve been staring at the pictures all this time and I seriously feel sick lol. This is the first time this has ever happened.

415: The words “stranger” and “doll” got me. What if HanaOO-chan actually refers to >>1?

461: I looked at the diary again.

“Month 13 Day 13 (there it is, a strange date). Today marks the eighth anniversary of that day, huh? I’m happy, so happy. So um, this person with white eyes has been looking at me. When I talk to them, all they do is look down. It’s strange, so strange. Who are you? Will you be my friend? …Hey? …Hey!”

This is scary. Can I delete the pictures now?

“July 13th. Today I hammered a nail into the doll.”

This… also creeps me out.

464: Holy shit that’s scary loooooooool. You should burn that diary right away.

523: I can’t take a bath \(^O^)/ Ajnd my computer’s broken~

483: What I wanna know is why this kid (?) dropped their diary?

487: If we imagine that this was written by a girl that >>1 kidnapped, then the background of all the photos he uploaded are his bed. Can we see his semen or the girl’s blood on the sheets? The three dots in the upper right corner are the girl’s blood!

493: >>487 Hang on, lol. First of all, I’m a minor and a girl.

600: Should I drop this off at the police station tomorrow? Or should I just throw it away?

608: The police won’t care.

616: My computer has started acting funny since I looked at this thread.

688: I changed my ID, but this is 1.

I took a bath and there she was~~~!!!

Just kidding… Nothing has changed other than the fact my head hurts now. I’m too scared to sleep.

689: This isn’t fake… Which is what I want to say… but I don’t care what you think either way.

690: This isn’t fake. That’s just how I feel for some reason.

697: Is the entire book filled in?

700: >>697 It’s not! There are several blank pages after the “Hey!!”

693: Where did you pick it up?

699: >>693 The embankment.

I didn’t pay much attention to what everyone said… but now that I think about it, it does look rather clean considering I found it on the embankment.

How creepy. Maybe it had just been placed there?

701: >>699 Does it look like an elementary student wrote it?

705: >>701 I dunno? It looks kinda scribbled, so I dunno. It’s a bit sloppy for an adult to have written though…

696: I believe in >>1.

704: Well, I don’t think it’s fake, but… I don’t think the story will spread from here either, lol.

709: >>704. Who knows? I hope it doesn’t anyway, lol. Because I’m scared.

841: This is 1. My pet goldfish and dog died… It’s just a coincidence… right? What should I do? I’m scared! Orz

845: >>841 That depends on their age, doesn’t it.

848: >>845 They both lived long lives!! That’s why it has to be a coincidence, right…

851: >>841 And this proves it’s fake.

859: Hang on, my doll’s eyesssssssssssss

864: >>859 What about it?

862: This is insane, hang on, let me upload a picture.

868: Again?


877: >>873 And I looked at it… Explain… Hey… What is this…

882: I have no idea what’s going on! Next thing I knew, it looked like that! This is for real, not something I saved from the internet!

885: Its left eye is looking down, how scaryyyyyyyy.

916: Hey… if this isn’t fake, she’s in deep shit, right?

918: >>916 Just a little.

923: If this is fake, I’ll never believe anyone ever again.

955: I thought everyone would say this is fake, so I kept quiet about it. I told myself I’d only say it if this thread got over 900 responses.

On the last page of the diary, there are eight names written. Then at the bottom it says, “You read it. You read it. You read it. You read it. Hey, let’s be friends. You’re all alone. You’re all alone. That’s why @@@@@@@@@@. Hey, OO.”

I can’t decipher what the @ says. OO is a name.

I’m done with this. There are some things we should leave alone. This whole thing seems fake so… there’s no need for another thread. If you start one, I’m not gonna post in it.

I’ll delete the pictures once this thread is done. It’s probably just some kid’s cruel prank. And that’s fine.

If you want to think it’s fake, go ahead.

957: >>955 I want to believe it’s fake, but I can’t. What are you going to do with the diary?

956: This gets scarier and scarier.

961: Yeah yeah, it’s fake, lol.

Shit… I’m all alone today…

962: You should get rid of that diary right away. Once something bad happens, it’s already too late.

986: Should we started a new thread? Hey?

991: >>1 said they won’t join us even if we do.

993: I am seriously terrified.

NOTE: A new thread was started once the 1000 comment limit was reached, but true to her word, 1 never surfaced again and the diary ended in mystery.



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