Ganbare Miku-tan! Fatal Frame Release Thread (Part 2)

513: Everyone, I have terrible news… I was able to ask someone related to the game about the costumes. They answered they are only three types… They’ve already been covered elsewhere. Getting all S ranks in battle mode doesn’t do anything. Finishing the game quickly does nothing either.

514: >>513 What? That’s… are you serious????? So the news of school swimsuits and gym shorts was fake???? This is awful… Now I’ll never rest in peace!!!

515: Where on earth would you find a high school girl exorcising ghosts in her school swimsuit or gym shorts? Although have said that, I was looking forward to it. Just a little. Although I’d rather go looking for ghosts wearing Japanese-style clothes with a lantern.

516: You shouldn’t have been expecting that in the first place. It was clearly fake.

525: How are the Himuro family and the Camera Obscura related? Mafuyu left a note that suggested something, but he never explains any further about it.

528: Jill and Claire are just foreigners, but when it comes to Miku, it’s like… something just hits me… She wins.

537: So are Miku and Mayufu actually blood related?

539: >>537 They have the same powers, so they’ve gotta be.

549: I finally finished it, just now. It stinks of a cliched Kadokawa film, but I think the story was good anyway. Now I understand why everyone was saying you’d fall for Kirie at the end. By the way, when you chance into the gyaru costume, Miku’s image becomes more lively, doesn’t it? I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

550: Should I watch the fabled true ending? Does it even exist in the first place?

552: It’s not a rumour, but I wonder if it’s really the true ending…

579: Hey hey, I just noticed this, but there’s a blank spot at the upper right of the correlation chart after you finish. Is this filled in for anyone?

584: This is a good thread.

602: I went to sell the game today and they told me they’d give me 2800 yen for it. For the first time ever I said no. 2800 yen for a game this good, are you kidding me?! They give 5000 yen for Metal Gear but 2800 for this? If that’s the case then I’m gonna play the hell out of it.

616: Don’t you think Mafuyu looks like Squall?

637: Has the game frozen for anyone else? It froze on the last night for me.

638: >>637 Me too, for me it was on the first night. Oh and another time I was walking around the mini stairs near the entrance and I got sucked into the wall and couldn’t move, so I reset yo~

670: Now that I know where the ghosts appear it’s no longer scary.

678: The first night was the most interesting. That scene where you leave the bamboo grove graveyard and head into the shrine was so damn good.

711: Hmm, as a Japanese person, I find simple Japanese ghosts to be far scarier than foreign zombies. Plus I think the simple Japanese setting of Fatal Frame is much better than the foreign setting of Biohazard.

712: But this game absolutely destroys all other horror games up until now. It’s so scary, you can’t even compare them.

820: I wonder if the next game will be about Mikoto and how she came to join the Hinasaki family? If there is a second game, that is, lol.

821: So did they specify who Miku and Mafuyu’s father is? If he’s a blood relative of the “guest” that looks like Mafuyu, then that’ll make sense.

822: Correction. I meant Miyuki, not Mikoto.

839: I can’t help but see Mafuyu as Hayate. Their faces look exactly the same.

840: Wasn’t Nagase the model for Hayate?

848: Kirie looks just like the women that Tsunoda Jiro draws.

855: My nipples harden when a ghost appears.



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