The Scariest Thing About Living Alone

1: When the access hole in the bathroom roof is suddenly open.

4: When someone peeks through the letter slot in the door.

652: >>4 Just like this. Scary.

673: >>652 Stop that 🙁

7: The doorknobs rattling at night.

68: I returned home drunk one night at 2 a.m. and rattled the doorknob to another apartment. Sorry.

8: The intercom going off at midnight.

13: When a strange old lady opens the door and comes in uninvited.

19: When you can clearly hear the sounds of people walking around you.

25: When a rock hits your window.

36: I live alone, and when I return to my family home now it’s so big that it scares me.

39: My neighbour got in trouble with the yakuza or something once and their door got kicked in. That day terrified me.

41: When there’s mould in the rice cooker.

148: >>41 That honestly shocked me. I’ve always left it open since then.

42: When you find hair daily that isn’t your own.

47: When my neighbour is either an old woman or a young lady, depending on the day.

54: >>47 That is oddly creepy.

695: >>47 It’s gotta be an old lady who’s really good at makeup.

56: When you can sense someone standing in the garden late at night.

60: When the person next door suddenly screams.

69: A strange looked through my window once. I haven’t been able to open the curtain since then.

75: The police rang my intercom. I pretended not to be home and they never came back. I wonder what that was about?

93: When I forgot to put my cigarette out and my veranda went up in flames.

102: Late one night someone knocked on my window. I looked through the curtain and it was my drunk neighbour. They’d climbed over the veranda and gotten stuck, they wanted me to open the door so they could get through.

108: My intercom rang once and I yelled “Yes~” and got up to answer the door, but on the way the door opened by itself. It scared the crap out of me. I’ve been careful to make sure it’s always locked since then.

112: I was drunk and fell asleep without locking the door and some old guy came in. He apparently had the wrong room, and I’ve done the same thing myself before when drunk so I could hardly complain.

121: Late one night I was smoking on the veranda when I locked eyes with a woman pushing a pram. What on earth was she doing with a pram that late at night?

140: Someone once started through the post slot in my door for five minutes straight.

141: I live on the first floor and one morning I woke up to a woman on my veranda looking in. Apparently she was stalking the person who lived there before me… My heart stopped beating for a bit there.

144: If you live in an apartment you absolutely have to check everything is locked before you go to bed.

150: The despair of when I caught a cold.

162: I was washing my hair once and I suddenly brushed another hand by the back of my head.

200: This is a serious response, but when I had things spread all over the floor that people shouldn’t see and then my mother came over…

213: I went to check out an apartment with the real estate agent once and we both burst into someone else’s room.

541: >>213 LOL.

266: My friend sent me their address by GPS once and it led me to a graveyard.

308: Seems you guys in Tokyo experience quite a few different things, huh?

364: A while back there was this crazy woman who rattled doorknobs trying to get into houses. If she found one open she took it as a message from god that she was supposed to kill whoever was inside. Apparently she stabbed someone to death, so you really should always make sure you lock your door.



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